Friday, April 15, 2011

I like.

Okay, so the hair colour is wrong, I don't have dreadlocks, my eyebrows are much lower and my nose is bigger. But whatever. I'd like to see how crap it looks if I'd tried to draw it with a mouse or the touchpad. Hooray for styluses!

What the hey, shit's good, lets like other things too.

I like taking my car in for a service because it's scheduled, not because the engine's blown up.

I like the moment of insanity when there's a spider on your bed, but you can't squish it immediately because you don't want it's guts all over your quilt, so you shoo it onto the spare pillow because you can change that.

I like knowing I should be working on projects, but instead getting out some of my newer stash and coming up with yet more plans for it.

I like days off work.

I like the idea that tomorrow night, I'm gunna stand in a field and get a bit drunk. It's been too long.

I like big coats and vests.

I like sitting in front of the fire because it's warm and it's made me all lethargic.

I like making quilted stubby holders. I like using quilted stubby holders. I like finding a fabric and thinking "hey, this would be perfect for a stubby holder"

I like it when there's a blue or red card in the post office.

I like buying a different bottled water to everyone else (Mt Franklin and Pump are the main bottled waters in Australia, I buy Aqua Essence, because it comes in a bag and is from 500m behind my house)

I like it when people are comletely olivious to an obvious solution. It's a bit mean, but I like to not tell them, and see how long it takes them to figure it out.

I like checked shirts.

I like new socks.

I like the fact that not only am I free to choose what I want to do today, but that I have options.

I like going through really old harddrives and seeing stuff from years ago.

I like reading my really old blogs, and thinking to myself, 'Gosh, you were such a whiny emo"

I like knowing where I've come from, even if I don't know where I'm going.

I like being myself. Noone else would be as good at it as I am.


  1. I like that you like so many things! and I agree you are terrific at being yourself!

  2. I like that you like lots of things too, what a great positive post.
    I like drinking Cooroy Mountain Spring Water when I'm out because it comes from a couple of kilometres from my house. In fact my bore water is probably the same stuff!!!
    I like that you are fabulous at working out how to make fabric purchases null and void. Which means every metre of fabric that I bought while I was away can't be counted in my stash, yay!

  3. I LIKE this post !

  4. Love the Like fest. I have decided that I am liking the fact that it is school holidays and I have 2 weeks with breaks in the same old routine.

  5. Great post! I needed the smile, so thanks!

  6. (smiley face) ... inserted here! Thanks for the grins.

  7. Completely unrelated but since you finally showed a close up opf thw quilting on your gorgeous black and white and red quilt I thought I'd ask did you do the sqiggly quilting that just really a loose zig zag? It looks freaking amazing.

    I really need to get with the program. I have no idea whether I need a stylus or how to use one.

    I love all your likes this week but my favourite is this one:

    "I like being myself. Noone else would be as good at it as I am"

    Amen sister. You're totally right.

  8. To my beautifull niece who is still the same little girl she was twenty years ago and still in love with rainbows, and will never change, thats what I like . We love your work Sara

  9. That's a really sweet post! However, I hate that spider thing. I think instead of doing it myself I would make someone else deal with it.