Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have made progress...

And it feels good. It also felt very slow, because I was fussy cutting a repeat that wasn't printed straight. Not fun, so the progress I've made is barely enough to blog about, but I have cut wonky strips of birds into nice neat rectangles 20cm high by 45.5cm long. Took me just under an hour, and I must say, couldn't have done it without my awesome new 60cm ruler.

The birds are for the back of Helen's quilt, and while I had originally planned on doing something more random like my recent backs, I'm going to just make it a zigzag. 18.5cm of birds and 22.5cm of blue leaves on beige. Sound a bit dull, but it should look modern, classy and refined. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. If it does, fantastic, if it doesn't, I like the idea that Helen will like the front better on at least one of the quilts I've made that live at her house.

And then, because I'm a sucker who subscribes to newsletters put out by people who sell stuff I'm inclined to buy having merely been reminded of the shop's existence, I've bought another 7.5 yards of fabric from The Fabric Quarter. $18 for this lot of postage - no more flanelette, so it's flat-rate-envelopeable. $5 per yard, probably less depending how the dollar is feeling tomorrow afternoon.

I have a rule that says you're not allowed to buy something from a seller when the previous package you ordered hasn't arrived yet. If they continue to time their newsletters for the day after I get their package in the mail, I could end up buying a lot from these guys.


  1. It does feel good to make progress, if only to know that you have that much less to do next time.

  2. Progress of any description feels wonderful. I have one of those 24 inch rulers and I love it.

    I cant go and check out that shop because Im dangerously close to my fabric limit and Im less than half way through the year. Im going to end up with a lot of backless quilts in 2011 if I dont watch myself.