Saturday, April 9, 2011

I have an idea...

You know the Kona Colour chart? I've had an idea that would make that completely obsolete. That would make our lives as quilters way way easier. That would remove the indecision that plagues online fabric shopping.

Someone needs to build a quilt fabric wiki. Maybe an accompanying app would help too. Actually, nix the wiki. Someone should build an app and sell it, and they could make millions.

What this app should do is two things. It should tell you what a fabric is when shown a picture of it. This would save a whole lot of emails saying "What's that fabric there? I need it to make my life complete" And it should tell you what Kona/Moda Bella Solids match closest to a particular point on the fabric.

How brilliant would this be? It would take a whole lot of effort, and even though it would be easier for a fabric company to provide all their info, it'd be tough to get them all to collaborate in the one project. A wiki would be good because everyone could put in, but I've no idea how you could set it up so that non-tech people could put in the information needed for pattern recognition. If a company was willing to do it, I would happily pay for it, hell, if it existed I'd almost buy an iphone just to get it.

Can you run apps on an ipod touch? I don't really want an iphone. But it'd be worth it to be able to go, "I want the pink that matches this bit and the green that matches this bit" without then having to squint at the screen and hope.

They could make it for android too. That'd be better for me. Anyone know an app developer? And have access to a vast amount of fabric to analyse and compare?

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  1. I do think you can run apps on an ipod touch ..