Monday, April 25, 2011

I am a turtle.

Today, I am feeling like I very much don't care. Not in a bad, apathetic way, but in a "does it even matter?" way. Why can't we be more chill all the time, like turtles?

Nonetheless, I'm very glad I did my ranting, because I consider it to be a much better alternative to seething. And now I can get over it. The internet's a big enough place for all of us. It is technically finite, in that there is a limit to the number of possible IP addresses (actually, we've already run out of those), the number of servers in the world and the amount of harddrive space available, but since the latter two are always increasing and someone's doing stuff about the IP problem, even if there isn't enough space, there'll be more in a minute.

Likewise, it's not like we're fighting over who gets to use the last of the fabric. The economics of supply and demand only apply to the coveted fabrics which the top echelon of modern quilters are paying (wasting?) $20 a fat quarter for, and the rest is balanced out by economics of scale, which say we benefit from lower prices when they can print a million billion miles of each fabric at a lower price per yard than they could if they were printing half as much for one group or the other.

So, moving on. After a night spent being the easter bunny, and a day working the quietest Sunday of the year, and an evening going and being the easter bunny again (Hi Kelsey) I've come home to a tin of baked beans, and the regular do I/don't I quilt debate.

I should finish the star quilt... or quilt one of my four basted quilts. Or even just cut the ten squares of fabric to put in my little stack...

If anyone wants to do a scathing criticism of "gunna" quilters like me, I won't do a nasty reply. I'll probably set up GQA... Gunna Quilters Anonymous...

"Hello, My name is Sara and tonight, instead of quilting, I spent 2 hours watching random videos on youtube"  *Everyone politely claps*

"Hello, My name is Zoe and instead of working on one of my eighteen half done quilts, I decided to do the maths for a new quilt" *Everyone mumbles something supportive*

"Hello, My name is Jenna and I had planned on getting some quilting done, but then I got a sale newsletter in my inbox and I went online and bought another 18 yards of unneeded fabric instead" *Everybody demands to know where from, and how much, and if there was much more left*

Okay, so maybe it's not the best idea ever. Though it would be a good way to find out where the internet sales are happening.


  1. Hello, my name is Thea, and just spent the evening watching Pride and Prejudice rather than do a lick of quilting .. sewing or what not.

    I feel so much better!

  2. I have gunna days and weeks too. I like to think my brain is getting ready for some major inspiration during this down time.

    I liked your rant. It didnt come across as ranty as you think. It was a well thought out alternative view to a post that's doing the rounds. I think you did a great job in response.

    If the shops dont open here soon we're all going to get scurvy...I need salad for a BBQ Im going to tonight and am going to have to cut the brown bits off the one in my fridge. Can you imagine how dreadful the stores are going to be tomorrow?

    By the way I've had to write myself a list of quilty things I want to achieve today or I'll spend the whole day responding to 4 days worth of email and blog posts so it's not just you lacking motivation or finding better things to do!