Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's not working.

This was my original plan for the back of Helen's quilt.

Except, y'know, with the gaps filled in with the bits that stick out and all sewn together neatly and everything.

Thing is, I'm hating it. But am I hating it simply because it's not my style and not my colours, or am I hating it cause it's crap?

This is no better. I wanted it to be about the birds though, and my other two fabrics are way brighter than they are.

And if I put them in, they'll need fairly big cuts, since they're fairly large scale prints, and the birds will be fading into the background.

Can someone wave their make it all better wand for me? Mine appears to be broken and my stylus isn't compatible.

It is however, very handy for those nights when you're scoffing froot loops from the packet, and your fingers are sticky and not liking the touchpad. Hooray for the fact that something tonight is working.


  1. I think what you hate is that it's not your style/colours. I actually like it - the first better than the second. (but remember, I'm really old and old people have different tastes ... ). I'd lend you my magic wand, but I lost it ..

  2. Yep-I agree with Thea. I think it's the colours you dont like. I like the first layout. Besides it's not over until it's quilted....

    I'm imagining you didnt get to sleep until around 4 am depending on how many froot loops you actually ate. They're practically sugar globs. Those things are awful...

  3. I'm with Shay. I do like the first layout and you probably don't like the colours therefore you can't get your head around around it

  4. Im old and hopefully the new soon to be owner of the said mentioned quilt, just get on with it Sara, the clock is ticking and your just time wasting, those fruit loops are just mushy rainbows in your head an belly, you know I will love what ever you do. tick tick tick its nearly pressure though =)