Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friend. Like. Buy it Now.

An outsider looking in might get the impression that I wasted tonight.

That outsider would be so very, very wrong.

Because that outsider doesn't understand how brilliant free upload week is on the vistaprint website. Or how tempting it is to take them up on their offer of free postage when I spend $60 or more, since I normally pay about $40 in postage anyway. I'm ordering a keyring, and three big magnets to chop up and stick on my car, and 5 mugs, and a window sticker, and 1000 business cards, and a stamp, and a graph paper notepad so I can design quilts on it, and a t-shirt. And since all this has come to $61, my postage is free.

That outsider really has a lot to learn on how important it is that I find new and interesting ways to waste my money.

That outsider also needs to realise how important it is that he or she click on this link, and like this page. If the outsider didn't have a facebook account, I would tell them to get one so that they could like this page. And maybe to make some fake profiles to like this page.

What the hell, now that the outsider's on facebook, they can friend me as well. Sara Hosking.

Welcome in, outsider.


  1. Great job on the free shipping .. the postage costs from the US are ridiculous.

    I am definitely an outsider .. what is Myponga BnS 2011? or do I want to know? However, maybe you are speaking to a particular outsider?

  2. I'd love to friend you on Facebook Sara but seriously I never go there so I'd be kind of a silent friend...

    Im still majorly bummed I cant find any fabric I like despite spending hours trawling the internet...maybe I should go to Vistaprint!