Friday, April 29, 2011


I have a question for everyone: When was the last time you complimented someone. Not in a bloggy sense, or a "yes dear, that looks nice" kinda way, but a random compliment to a random stranger.

I don't do it enough. A few years ago I put it as one of my new year's resolutions but it never really got anywhere. It's quite a difficult judgement call - will this person take it as the genuine compliment that it is, or will they think I'm being insincere?

I try to be quite random in my compliments. I shy away from personal stuff - no mention of how people are looking from me. But last week I complimented a lady on her signature - it was a very busy day at work and I told her that she had done one of the best matches to the back of a credit card I had seen in a long time. To which she replied that that was the best compliment she had recieved in ages, and that it would stay with her all day.

Was it a really good compliment? I don't think so... I certainly didn't debate on saying it for a second. I saw the two signatures, saw they were pretty much identical (they are often so different as to be completely unrecognisable) and congratulated her on that fact. But this spontaneity made it genuine, and I'm glad it made her happy.

I'm going to try to do more random, genuine compliments. I spend most of my time thinking nice stuff* and I think maybe if I share it, other people will be thinking nice stuff too.

And now, another round of random good things.

I like mini projects. Something I can complete in a night to distract me from the fact that I have four basted sandwiches that need quilting.

I like going back to the expensive chocolate I usually eat after a week eating random easter stuff.

I like going into a fabric shop with a definite list and not buying too much on top of it.

I like little blue cards in the post office box to say I have a parcel to collect.

I like getting out half my fabric stash and seeing where the new stuff fits in.

I like patches of blue in a cloudy sky.

I like roast chicken sandwiches.

I like fresh cans of coke.

I like crusty bread.

I like being bi-measuremental, when I have to be.

I like reruns of old TV shows on the digital channels.

I like how fast my iron heats up.

I like the sizzley sound it makes when I iron fabric I've just sprayed with my water bottle.

*Though recently I've spent a lot of time trying to define the difference between different brands of cola. That's been really hard, and I'm not too far off of giving up. Currently I'm at something like "Coke is good, Pepsi is okay but only if you're having KFC, and everything else is a waste of my valuable tastebuds".


  1. Like your idea of random compliments. But I can see where that would be hard to do. You have chocolate, Coke and crusty bread as favorites, hard to go wrong with any of those.

  2. Not sure what bi-measuremental is, but I am sure it is nice to be that. I love crusty bread, and I didnt know anyone else liked that sizzle sound the iron makes.

    Have a great weekend and if you like good chocolate, order some from here.

  3. Random compliments. Good idea. The one about the signature is funny. Agreed on the coke/pepsi thing.

  4. mmmmm, crusty bread. Probably I don't use my iron enough to know what it even sounds like :)

    That was nice that you made that ladies day - I think penmanship is a thing of the past.

    Soda and the differences are the varying degrees of sickeningly sweet(ness), in my opinion - but KFC - yummy!

  5. I like your idea of random compliments, I do try to do that but unfortunately I don't remember to do it often enough.
    Love your other favourites too. I like chocolate. I like chocolate too much, so I like that Easter is now over so no more tempting Easter eggs in the shops.

  6. I do compliment complete strangers sometimes. I probably dont do it often enough and it does make people feel good so we should all do it more often!

    And as usual I like lots of your likes...such as getting the stash out and fitting new stuff in (thats what Im doing at the moment ).There's nothing better than fresh crusty bread with loads of butter and chicken and avo sandwiches rock.

    I am sitting here pilshing off and Easter agg and frankly my arse is starting to look like a B Double ..I may have to revise my agreement on your love of chocolate.

  7. POLISHING ...why doesnt blogger have spell check for comments!

  8. Hmmmm....bimeasuremental I was thinking that it was the same thing as Shay said especially after eating all my easter chocolate. Why do we eat the cheap stuff when the expensive stuff really is no comparison??

    I like your list of things you like and compliments are always good...more people need to learn how to accept them :-)

  9. I like some of your likes!

    Mark Twain said he could live two months on a good compliment. I do think it's an important grace to promote.