Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whoops. I need to lay of the TV shows...

I've just watched 6 straight episodes of Chuck. And as a result, all I've made tonight is Kelsey's stubby holder. Which I can't show you till Friday, cause, it's for Kelsey.

What I can show you is the fabrics I bought today.

The bottom four are to do the back for the mingle twist quilt,  the top ones are for yet another mini stairways quilt. I'm a little bit addicted, I need help.

There's double of the green spotty, cause that's for the Charlie I'm making for Kelsey.

Congrats on getting out, girl. May the diet coke be with you.


  1. You know Im going to race out now and buy those red and black fabrics dont you?'re more than a little bit addicted...

  2. dots and rickrack stripes, they would also make a wonderful quilt together.

  3. Sara your such a bad influence on poor Shay, you know she has a husband and a fabric quota and Im sure she was intending on keeping both so stop leading her astray.
    Also I was wondering if Ellanor the Elephant was intending on visiting our house, you know she would love to mingle with our other toys.