Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop judging me. I know you're doing it.

So I use Schmetz needles in my machine most of the time. Have for ages, even before I started quilting. My machine was probably chucking a hissy fit one day and someone probably told me to try the expensive needles. I'm a sucker like that. But now that I'm a quilter, there's another reason I keep using them, other than the fact that they're really good.

They're German, and they call them Stepp-Nadels. And I'm so in love with saying, or even thinking those words. Especially in a German accent. Stepp-Nadels is so, so much better than "machine quilting needles". So much better. And that's why I don't buy the cheap ones, even though these are $9 a pack. It's worth it, just so I can say (or even just think to myself) today, I got some new Stepp-Nadels. There's some Stepp-Nadels in my handbag. I used my 15% off coupon on Stepp-Nadels.

I'm such a child sometimes. Stepp-Nadels. (tee hee hee)


  1. The worst part of it is that it's not like the root menu, or endosperm, making me snigger because they sound dirty but aren't - it's just some random German words making me happy. Though, if you say it angrily, it could be a good swear-word alternative.

  2. I too have only ever owned or used Schmetz needles. Sewing, quilting and embroidery.

  3. they say that you need to take out the log in your own eye before you take out the needle in your sister's .. so how can I judge you? the friend who gave me my sewing machine also gave me Schmetz needles .. I had no idea they were so expensive ..

  4. Yep-I use Schmetz needles too. I tried some what I assume are cheaper needles recently and it was disasterous.

    Thea they're expensive in Australia - we also pay the equivalent of around 24 bucks a yard for the fabric you pay 9.00 a yard for!