Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes, you do have to settle.

When you spend 45 minutes trying to convert four numbers from imperial to metric, you know you're in for a bad night, and you should just be happy all your fingertips are still attached, and your head hasn't fallen off.

I managed to royally confuse myself re-writing the instructions for the mini Stairways to Heaven quilt, but it's worked out as a good test - Can my demazin-addled and heavily congested brain work out what I'm on about? Well yes, actually, it can, so hopefully the instructions for this one will be a bit easier. It's helped I suppose by the fact that I just picked random fabrics for this one instead of just using two fabrics from a range, so they don't have to pair up in both directions.

But it's not actually done. I did my maths, and I wrote my suitable-for-someone-with-a-cold instructions, and I cut my fabric and I followed my instructions to see if they worked, and they did, so I'm gunna be happy with that before my poor sick, sleepy brain fucks it all up.

Tomorrow night I start work at 7pm, which is a gloriously long way away. I might even cruise over to Helen's in the afternoon for a catchup, because I've done nothing this week but work.

No wonder I feel horrible.

1 comment:

  1. week has also been all work and no play but I'm hoping to rectify that today.

    I always spend 45 minuts working out what should be simple maths ...hand me an English problem though and Im a whizz.

    Sorry you're sucking Demazin like there 's no tomorrow...and hope you get some craftiness in today or tomorrow.