Friday, March 25, 2011

So, um, this is a bit weird, but...

So I know I'm a bit late but work, and spaghetti night, and the pub, all got in the way. Bastards.

I really like thinking about stuff. Important stuff sometimes, like economics and world hunger and the key to happiness, but usually pointless stuff. My current unimportant question requires a wee bit of back story.

In South Australia, numberplates for the last 30 odd years have been alpha numeric* - 3 letters and 3 numbers. They started off beginning with R, then S, T was only for trailers, U, V, W and X, with Y being for trailers one the Ts ran out. They didn't bother with Zs (don't know why) and once all the Xs had run out, they changed to being an S, then 3 numbers, then 3 letters, now starting with A. But with the old set, ambulances had special AMB ### plates. What I want to know is, did the DMV issue S###AMB plates? Or did they keep them for the new ambulances? I don't think they would have more than 1000 ambulances in South Australia, so surely as one is retired it can give it's rego to another, but if I see a plate with an AMB on it, I'm assuming ambulance, and getting out of the way. But that may just be me. If anyone has an SA plate with the letters AMB, which isn't an ambulance, let me know.

My long term thing I think about a lot is even more pointless. And I've been thinking about it on and off for well over a decade. And you can all help give me even more to think about it.

Step one. Clasp your hands together, with your fingers interlocked.

Step two. Note which thumb is on top, left or right. My left thumb is on top.

Step three. Tell me which it is, as well as if you are left or right handed, and if you are male or female.

Step four. Get the same information from your husbands, kids, parents, neighbours, colleagues and random strangers on the street. Tell me that too.

Step 5. Think about it.

This may seem like the most pointless thing in the world to worry about. It probably is. And although I've been asking people since the beginning of high school which way they clasp, and saying hmm, and then asking if they're left handed or right handed, and then saying hmm again, I've never found a correlation, or written my findings down. But with your help, I will have even more to think about. I may even get to draw a graph.

I like generating graphs.

*P.S. I know all this from observation. I really like number plates.


  1. I'll start:

    Left thumb over. Right handed. Female.

  2. Left over right. Left-handed. Female.

    You're hilarious and probably need to hold a political office. You could solve a lot of problems. :o) Happy FTF!

  3. right thumb over - right handed - female!
    fun post! :)

  4. Sara in 21 years you have never asked me those questions, your very wierd.
    Left on top, right handed girly and my rego starts with a "U" I have one husband two children and next to nothing in my bank account so perhaps that affects which thumb takes the lead.
    My husband has a short thumb, also really wierd and luckily hasnt passed the genetic defect to either of the kids

  5. Right thumb over. Left handed female.

  6. Right thumb over; right handed; female.

    I'll check the rest of my family tonight and provide you with the valuable information.

    P.S. in yoga class they make you do both even though it's very uncomfortable (okay, not uncomfotable, but feels weird).

  7. HAPPY FTF from germany!

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja

  8. Firstly - about the number plates. I was really peeved when we bought our new car 2 and a half years ago because we bought it one week before the new rego system came in .Therefore we dont have a new type number plate...

    Next ..I did your experiment . Left thumb on top , Im right handed and I think you know Im a girl. I'll get Mr. P and Miss P to do it too..

    (You know thats pretty much the weirdest thing I've seen on a blog dont you?)

  9. Right over left, right handed, female.

    Kiddo gave it a try, left over right, right handed, female. I had to read your blog to Kiddo (minus one "beep" word) because she wouldn't clasp her hands unless I told her why. Kiddo thought it was a really good question and proclaimed that you were not weird at all.

  10. OK Miss P just dragged her sorry bum out of bed (yes it's almost lunchtime )and she does right over left and she's right handed too...

    Miss P has a theory about this...she says it's all in the way you clasp your hands -if you have a finger on the outside of your pinky you're more likely to do right over left and if you have no fingers on the outside of your pinky you'll do left over right actually worked when I changed the way I clasped my hands. Yay my kid is a genius.

  11. Yep Miss P has got it!!! I don't have a finger on the outside of my pinky and i am left over right, right handed and female :-) Great FTF! I am curious about the number plates also, now I will have to see if the ambulances in QLD have AMB on the plate as well??? Its not weird you are just paying attention to the details of your environment and life.....very Buddhist :-)

  12. What THE!
    right over left, right handed girl.

  13. Right over left, right handed, sexy lady

  14. Right over left, right handed female.

    If your right thumb is over the left one it stands to reason that your right pinkie will be the one on the outside!!! and if your left thumb is over the right one then your left pinkie is last ( that is , if your fingers are alternate in your clasp)- unless you have more fingers on one hand than the other !!!!!

    You've got us all going around clasping and unclasping and making up theories !!!!
    What fun !

  15. Oh, my father does left over right and he's right handed .. there goes my hemisphere theory...

  16. left over - right handed - female....and this is one of the most interesting blogs I have ever come across - and no I dont think youre weird I actually think you say what most of us are thinking but are to scared to say out loud..and yes I spent 10 mins trying out all the different theories - DH wont participate - but will get the kids to try tomorrow - they master 12 , master 8 and miss 5 yr old.

  17. I'm a bit late to the party, very interesting Sara.
    Left over right - right handed female.
    I'm always checking out number plates and in Qld they keep on skipping letters and then going back to them later.