Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I have some advice for the day...

Please don't expect rational segues from me tonight. There's a twitch just above my right ear, and it's distracting me.

Let's start with some life lessons I'd like to share.

Don't sew two quilt tops at one. Even if you really really want one to be made right right now because it's really really pretty and you want to get the tutorial for the other one online as soon as possible. Especially, don't do two quilt tops with two different thread colours. Because it's hard to keep track, and you'll have random bits of black stitching on your purple quilt.

Even if it's your pattern, and you're super sure you know it back to front, keep referring to it as you do it, because your memory might be wrong. I didn't, and I cut my rectangles too wide, which is why my demo edition of the purple quilt is gunna be a quarter smaller - it's now three by three square. Good news though - the pattern is correct. I'm just stupid. Or congested. Let's go with congested.

Now to the Random Shit, because according to the words in the sidebar, this crops up a lot, and I'd hate to let those words down.

I took the day sick, so I could freely shove tissues up my nose, which, for completely inexplicable reasons, they don't let me do at work. Also, the thing that makes me cough the most is talking, which they say you have to do. But then customers get cross cause you're coughing on them. It's lose/lose.

I have a new least favourite thing. Fabrics that are meant to be 112cm wide but which are actually less than 105cm wide. I do all my math to give them the 7cm leeway, but any more than that makes me cross. Just as well I made my cutting booboo on the first strips I cut and the too-short fabric was after that, otherwise I probably would have gone spare. It was only a centimetre or so, but still. 1cm too little and I need to buy a whole another 20cm of fabric to cover it.

I want *something* but I'm not sure what. My big chocolate bar stash, that I got a couple of weeks ago, has disappeared, and I'm pissed. I want a crunchie, dammit. All I can find is a cherry ripe and some fads. Not what I want but it will have to do. Actually, I've just changed my mind on the fads. These taste like chalk.

The worst thing about blogging is that even when you say "right, I'm gunna finish up at midnight" there's still an hour or so for blogging. Longer if you're watching Burn Notice at the same time. But it's not like I'll fal asleep till at least 2am anyway.

I want another Jotter. I've had a few over the years and get quite attached to them, and then I lose them, or they get stolen, and I don't get around to getting a new one for a while, until I see one in a movie or TV show and then I suddenly want one again. Do you remember the exploding pen in the first Pierce Brosnan James Bond film? That was a jotter. None of mine ever exploded though.

I wish it was tomorrow night. Then I'd have the finale episode of White Collar instead of season 1 of Burn Notice.


  1. Blame it on the germs!, they ate your chocolates they made mistakes they just ruin everything

  2. I don't get why work places arent keen to have you coughing and spluttering all over people. Seems bloody unfair to me. Kids snot and grot on me all the time . Fair's fair !

    Totally agree that Fads taste like chalk. Im amazed they still sell them. Blerk!

    Pass the cherry ripe over here . I'll eat it.

    Hope you feel better soon. Could be time for a trip to the Doc- this cold is lurking. You could have whoopy cough.