Friday, March 11, 2011

A smorgasboard of stuff...

Today, I'm gunna like a lot of things.

I like tissues, because I've had a cold for two weeks now and I've been through two boxes of them. I have a big snoz, and it can reduce a hanky to a quivering mess by the second blow, so tissues are it for me. We only buy kleenex, and I have backup stash upon backup stash for when we run out.

I like the $10 vouchers that Spotlight sends out sometimes. They're better than the $40 ones because you don't need to spend the $100. I usually buy something completely unnecessary because it's a bonus thing anyway, but for reasons unknown, I went with some basics I needed. I guess we all grow up sometimes.

I like DVD box sets. 15 hours of viewing goodness for the same price as a regular, 2 hour DVD.

I like firefox, because it has a plugin that spellchecks as I write. Which, ironically, doesn't know the words firefox, plugin or spellcheck. But which did tell me the correct spelling of ironically (two l's)

I like the sounds of living out of town. Birds and trucks on the highway. Sounds like home. (one of the birds is Barry, saying 'what ya doin, barry' over and over, but we can ignore him)

I like the huge dragonflys that are hanging about lately. I don't like all the crickets.

I like big puffy jackets that are like wearing a doona.

I like, because their postage is cheaper and their service better than

I like good intentions. I'm at quilt #48 now, but 16 of them are unfinished (14 are just tops, the first purple quilt has been half quilted and given up on a bit and Dad's quilt cover needs assembling). So I'm gunna try and finish at least half of them before #50 gets here.

I like making promises I cant keep :)


  1. Sorry you have a cold, sincerly hope you can take tissues off your immediate favorites list very soon. I like dragonflies, they are very cool to watch. Good luck with all your good intentions.

  2. I love the HUGE dragonflies we get in the summertime too. I follow them around for hours, hoping they will land so I can get a picture of them, and hope it is a good one.

  3. could make me go broke!!!!

  4. I like that you like so many things ..

  5. SOrry to hear about your cold I hope it gets better really soon.
    We have had lots and lots of dragonflies here this year, beautiful bright blue ones and also some orange/red ones.
    Fabricshack's half price shipping is pretty darn good.

  6. Hope you're feeling much better today, Sara. Love your post today and all your 'likes'. What's a doona?

    Thanks for sharing! Happy FTF! :o)

  7. A doona is an eiderdown - we would also call them quilts but it's a bit tough to call a doona a quilt on a quilting blog.

    I like things regularly in a much more abstract fashion on my other blog, http:\\

  8. I love those 10 dollar vouchers...Im heading down to Spotlight today to spend mine!

    I agree with you about DVD box sets. I love the way I can watch about 12 hours of a TV show on one DVD instead of a 2 hour movie.

    I miss the country , and all those sounds.

    Fabric Shack and I did some business last night...I love them too!

    And lastly I dont like that you're still snotty and hope you get un-snotty soon!

  9. The $40.00 saving vouchers are awesome if you buy 2 Queen size quilt batting..... and put with the rainy day stash.

  10. I loved this post Sara, full of lots of things we all love too! I just spent my $10 voucher on more wool, like I need more in my stash and I am going to have to check out Fabric Shack and see if I can spend some more money :-) I get too confused with all the quilting fabrics, too much to choose from! Hope you are feeling better soon, colds are awful.

  11. Great FTF. I love Kleenex too. I have allergies and other sinus problems (like my nose runs when I eat), so I always need a tissue handy.

    I also like shopping vouchers (but we don't have a spotlight here) and spellcheck plugins and dragonflies.

    Great FTF. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El