Friday, March 18, 2011

Road Trip Day!

I'll be honest. right now, as I'm typing this, it feels like Thursday night. It's actually 2am Friday morning, I should be in bed, but my CD is burning and if I can get this done now, sweet.

I've been tossing up whether to stick with my favourite thing this Friday, or revert back to just liking everyday things. I maintain that it's the key to happiness (you should have heard me try to explain to my Mum tonight how cheese was the answer to all the ills of the world) but it is Favourite Things Friday, not Stuff I like cause it makes me happy even though it's quite mundane and insignificant but even so I think we should appreciate how great it is that we live in a world where we have access to (insert thing here), Friday*.

So, an actual favourite thing. Except, today it wont be. Today, it will leave me stiff, and achey and exhausted.

There's a one in four chance that as you read this (so long as it's still Friday somewhere in the world) I will be doing it. I'm anticipating about 14 hours of it over the course of the next two days.

So my favourite, and least favourite thing? Driving. I'm torn between "I get to drive all the way up to Adelaide on my own!" and "Ergh, I have to drive for 5 straight hours tomorrow. and then drive some more in the city. Ergh."

15 months on, the thing I miss most about my ex is the 30 minute drive to his house. Back roads, with really good bends, which were never ever policed and could be driven at slightly ridiculous speeds, especially the 4km flat straight. At night with the moon and the stars, and the music on loud. Now, I have to make do with the highway; no bends, lots of cops, 60 and 100km speed limits.

Tomorrow, for 5 hours, I have control of the music. I can talk to my car without anyone in the passenger seat looking at me like I'm weird. I can say "Swift" every time I see one, which, surprisingly, is a lot less in the city. I can stop where I want, go where I want, take corners at what speed I want without someone criticizing me. It will be me, and my girl Taylor, for 500 fantastic kilometres.

By the time you read this, I could be there. I could already be hating driving, and parking, and the fact that Taylor doesn't ride quite as comfortably long-distance as BJ did. But just now, looking forward to it.

I'm stoked. I get to go for a drive.

*and lets all be grateful that it isn't, cause I don't know that all that would fit on a button.


  1. LOL - I loved how you rambled your way to a favorite thing today! I also love that you think cheese could be a favorite thing and I say next week you post that and I'll post how ice cream is mine and we can debate which dairy product actually DOES cure all the bad in the world at any given time. :)

    Enjoy your drive to Adelaide and, if I'm not mistaken, your fun shopping trip while you are there! (I talked with Ms. P today)

  2. Cheese may cure all the ills of the world, but ice cream makes it wonderful! I love driving too .. though I've never done a five hour trip by myself. Hope you have/had a wonderful trip!

  3. Have a great trip Sara and baffle Mrs P with some more maths so she can buy some more fabric ;-) Drive safe and enjoy the ride!

  4. I'm totally on board with the "cheese is the answer to world peace "thing. And if you;d had that conversation with me I wouldn't have looked at you like you were completely off your freaking dial. However everytime I put cheese near my lips Miss P reminds me it is the number one cause of cellulite.

    I have done the drive between Adelaide and Mt Gambier at least 200 times. It ceased to have any appeal after about trip 50. I hope you enjoyed it.

    See you tomorrow!

  5. Hope you enjoyed your drive. When My Guy was just the guy I was dating, I drove 4 hours every weekend just to see him. Sometimes I miss that, because as you point out you have complete control of the radio and can say (sing) whatever you want. Now I drive with him, which is good in it's own way, but I no longer have control of anything in the car.

  6. Think of it...somewhere in the world this minute, someone is saying "cheese" do that next week.
    I too love driving, the feeling of freedom it gives me is always a good feeling. I didn't learn to drive till my 30s so there must be that.
    After 6 weeks of hip surgery, when I got in the car by myself for the first time, I called my friend and said "get your passport, I'm coming!" we laughed!

  7. Hope you enjoyed your drive and that you helped Mrs P use her Spotlight voucher wisely.
    I love driving down to the Gold Coast, as I have two hours of listening to great music and as long as there are no accidents it's an enjoyable trip.

  8. Have a safe trip, mind those bends now, your mum will be worried! My son has just gone on a road trip too, so as mums its our job to worry about our kids! My hubbie used to live in Broken Hill, and would drive to qld- now thats a long way!!