Sunday, April 3, 2011

No sex, some drugs, and no rock and roll either.

I really hate autumn. Not just because it gets cold, thought that sucks too, but for me, Autumn means asthma season. It means spending half the day barely breathing, and the other half vibrating.

It's very hard to explain the side effects of Ventalin and Bricanyl, and everyone seems to react a bit differently so when you bring it up you hear all sorts of interesting variations.

"Shaky" seems to be the main thing, for both Ventalin and Bricanyl, though there's agreement that Bricanyl is much, much worse, so I take Ventalin until it stops working (usually after twice in a day.) Ventalin at least is a very outward shake - if I don't have my feet flat on the ground, they bounce up and down really badly. And the longer I leave it for, the worse it gets. I'm okay while I'm actually sewing, but the times when I'm just sitting in front of the machine, not pressing down on the pedal? Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy. One of the girls at work gets a very bad twitch in one of her wrists, and she has to rest it on something so it doesn't make her hand flick back and forth.

But Bricanyl is worse because it's like all that shaking is going on inside. I actually feel buzzy. And my heartbeat goes kinda bonkers for no apparent reason. And the way it beats feels crunchy. And I can't concentrate, and if I try too hard to, I get quite dizzy. I try to time it so I use the Ventalin no more than twice during the day, and then if I have to have Bricanyl at nighttime I can just go to bed. But it means I spend a lot of time breathing very shallowly, because the harder I breath the worse my asthma gets.

I'm so glad I only get asthma 3 months a year. It would be utterly, utterly horrible to feel like this all the time.

And silly silly me has decided to garnish these feelings of crappiness with a bit of hand sewn binding. I quilted the Newsprint Mingle quilt (the top of which can bee seen as #37 in the quilts I've made list) with a wavy stitch, so my usual extra wide, double sewn binding would have looked a bit odd straight stitched*. I've only ever hand sewn one binding before - Maddy's Quilt, Quilt #2, before I worked out how to machine stitch it on (Quilt #1 had a folded over backing as binding)

It's boring. really really boring. And fiddly and slow and I wish quite badly that I could just do it on the machine, but I know that this time, I'm kinda in agreeance with a lot of people. I like the back better, and I don't want to drag it, or the front, down with a rush job binding.

So, in summation, the drugs both work, and make you worse, hand sewing is bloody boring, Gerard Butler is very very yummy, Jenifer Aniston can't act, and an entire share pack of maltesers eaten in one night will make your teeth hurt.

Life lessons: learnt.

*Okay, it probably would have looked fine. But I'm so so in love with both sides of this one, and since we all see nothing but our faults, I didn't want that to be all I would see, since it deserved better than it.


  1. Yep-I get asthma at this time of the year too and yep-Ventolin helps me breathe but makes me shake. I had Bricanyl once and it affected me so badly I cant take it again. I didnt sleep for about 30 hours and was as jumpy as a cat!

    And for the record Im sensitive to ephedrine too and cant take that , which means when I get a cold I just have to put up with the's great to be me.

  2. Oh, that sounds horrible. So sorry about the asthma -- I didn't realize it could be a seasonal thing.

    I actually don't mind the hand sewing the bindings on -- I haven't tried machine sewing them yet.