Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New stuff.

I went to Spotlight today and got some fabrics - they looked fine in the store but not that I get them home I'm less convinced.

The bottom one is less blue than it looks in the photo and I'm worried it's too similar to the smudge one. As a quilt, it should look fine, since they'll actually go purple, burgundy, purple burgundy, but my fear is that you wont be able to tell which is which in the instructional photos. I had considered going with a very bold red, yellow, green, blue, but I didn't like the ones they had there.

For a completely different quilt, I've also worked out a plan using some of my rainbow of fabrics. I originally bought them to do a very bright version of the twist quilt I made from the Newsprint Mingle and also in some reproduction fabrics, but didn't get quite the right colours for it - ending up with no pink but two purples, so it couldn't do the full colour loop I wanted. As a result, this is a straight up and down colour graduation.

If you click on it you can read my instructions to myself - in spite of the fact I was going to do it with the same maths as one or the other of the earlier zigzag quilts, I ended up completely redoing it because I liked having all the edges be mainly coloured. It's only going to end up at about 97x 127cm though, so I'm considering giving it a solid black border as well - I think it's the consistency more than it actually being the colours that makes the edge look nice. And see the little heart in the corner? I plan on appliqueing it. Something I've never done before on a quilt. I don't know why I want to do it - I just felt it needed it.

I doubt this will ever get written up better than it is there - mainly because I don't think you could do it over and over again in a bajillion different fabrics like I have with the other ones, and I think a pattern should be open to that kind of design interpretation. Also, it's kinda confusing, since the top left 6 by 8 blocks are all the same, and then there's half blocks tacked onto the other two edges, which are all jumbled up in the cutting instructions. Still, it's purty, and I'll really doesn't use very much of my rainbow fabrics at all (only 8cm of each) so hopefully I'll get to it sooner rather than later. Not too soon though, since I'm feeling very run down by the-cold-that-will-not-say-die, and I'm gunna have an early night. By my standards at least.


  1. Those fabrics look beautiful. I am always buying things and then questioning them when I get home too.

  2. You're still demazin-ing it? Good grief that cold is a lurker.

    I love your new design. The black sets all the colours off beautifully.

    PS. I bought the spotty fabrics yesterday.

  3. I can't wait to see the quilt. The colors look great to me ..