Sunday, March 6, 2011

Much done and not much to show.

The "Quilts I've Made" list has been updated, and all three tutorials are now in the sidebar.

Plus, it's after 4pm, which is stopping me from going to Spotlight and spending more money I don't have yet.

I've worked out the math for the purple quilt I showed the Paint mockup of on Friday, and I'm gunna make it with a tutorial fairly soon. I probably wont use the purples though, since the range of solids at Spotlight is a bit... disappointing.

For now though, here's a quick look at how I actually do my quiltmath. It all made sense at 3am, and fortunately it still does now.

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  1. Thank you Sara. I am a woman of action and went looking for (and found ) that fabulous tutorial 5 minutes after I left my comment this morning. I had every intention of going to Spotlight this afternoon to buy spots and stripes but wound up having a Nanna nap instead!