Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make your own Monster Mash.

The night is young (ish) but this isn't a proper post, it's just some bits and pieces of monsters. Heads, Bodies, Arms, Legs and Horns, most of which are interchangeable. The pictures are big - pretty much A4 size, so they will all fit together as they are, but feel free to scale, stretch or skew to your hearts content. Add extra arms or legs, use a head as a body or vice versa. Monsters are meant to be unique.

There's also a few mouths at the bottom, but all you need is something round of about the right size and to add some teeth. Give them as many or as few eyes as you want to too.

When I make these monsters, I sew and stuff any extremities (arms, legs, horns etc, and don't stuff your body pieces super firm, it's much easier if they're still squishy) and then sew them into the seams of the main body part - you line your body pieces up right side facing and tuck the pieces in so that the open end of the arm or leg is sewn closed between the edge seam of the body pieces. Sometimes this can be a bit difficult. If the arms extend into the crotch area (they often do) then sew the arms into the sides and also down and across the bottom of the legs/feet, then stop, shift the arms so they're more in the legs (they need to lay as flat as possible while you're sewing them into the seams, otherwise they end up pointing in all sorts of weird directions) and then sew around the crotch. If you have arms or legs crossing over, sew them one at a time with the other one shoved out of the way.

Because of the already stuffed bits you then have to turn out, make sure you leave a bigger turning hole to fit them through. This also goes for the use of big glass eyes.

Clip your curves. it doesn't matter so much with the outward ones, like at the ends of hands and feet, but for your inner ones, like necks and crotches, it's really really important. Really.

Most importantly, have fun with them. It doesn't even matter if they have differently aligned arms or one leg shorter than the other. It's a monster, and they're like that, you know.

Should just point out, that when you click on the pictures, they should open up to be full size JPEGs, about 200kb each. Right click and save or print or whatever.


  1. Thanks for the tute Sara. I may even get Miss P to make one now that she has come over to the dark side!

  2. Thanks Sara. Your monsters are so adorable I'll have to at least give it a try.