Friday, March 18, 2011

I've probably forgotten something...

I have packed my food. I have packed my craft. I have packed four GPS devices, so that even if three shit themselves, I'll still be okay.

I have charged up my phone, started downloading Rango and decided that I will drive with my work shoes on, but leave my boots in the passenger footwell so I can put them on when I reach the city.

I have decided to skip going to Lucindale, because I have two pairs of boots, and I can only wear one at a time*, whereas a quilt can use as many fabrics as you want.

I have six vouchers, but only plan on going to two Spotlights. I've asked the internet for BigW stores, so I can buy my work shoes again, for when this pair dies.

I have gotten my emergency internet connection back off of Mum. And the laptop's car charger. But I need to get the three way 12v splitter out of the caravan of love.

Now I need to go wash my hair, set the laptop to encode Tangled so I can drop it off to one of the girls at work in the morning, and go to bed.

Obviously, as ever, there won't be a lack of blogging while I'm away. The internet is everywhere, people, even if my phone refuses to post to blogger. That's okay, I can turn it into a wifi router and post from my palm pilot.

Should I take one or both?

Yeah, both. Adelaide, here we come...

*okay, yes, I could put one from each pair on each foot.


  1. Just avoid east of the city it is nuts. I am hoping to leave work early today and not be held up by Clipsal as I work not far from the race course all my fingers and toes are crossed.

  2. Sounds like you are completely prepared and have everything planned out. Good luck with the shopping. did you figure out what you forgot?

  3. You're here ! Glad to see you brought half the Mount's technology with you.

    There's a Big W 5 minutes from one of the Spotlight's you'll be at tomorrow. (the one near my house !)