Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's here. (or there-->)

Blogger's insistent repositioning of photos to the top of a post for no apparent reason is a major hassle when you're trying to write up a tutorial. Nonetheless, I persevered, battling through congestion, brainfarts and repeated trips into town to pick up the drunkards, to produce the instructions for a miniature version of the Stairways to Heaven quilt, with a completely re-jigged bit on which fabrics go with which. If you like to label things and be told exactly what to do, use the big one. If you want to go with the flow and pair your fabrics in a more natural, organic fashion, these are the instructions for you.

This quilt top only needs 20cm each of 6 fabrics - a quarter yard is plenty if you buy in the American fashion. Of course, because of this it only comes out baby sized, but it makes for a damn stylishly rugged up baby.

Over the next week or so I suspect I'll come up with a bajillion different versions of these two quilts - Today alone I've decided that it would be easy to make with some funky jelly rolls and a solid, and I'm considering doing something with my rainbow of bright solid fabrics and perhaps a black.

I've cut and strip pieced a match to this one in brown, pink and orange, but when I realised it was taking me three times as long as usual to get even the blue, green and brown one done, I gave up my plan of making them simultaneously.

Still, I got one all done and that's enough, so here it is. The Baby Sized Stairways to Heaven Quilt. For future reference, it's over to your right under Pages.

A quick note: it says to use straight cuts but so long as you've double checked it's at least 21 inches on the long side and 15 on the short, you could use a fat quarter. I've had some that vary wildly though, so check first.


  1. I just realised I could make the bigger version of this quilt with the dots and stripes I saw yesterday...and dont tell me I'm slow on the uptake.

    Im off to try and find the right pattern in your vast array of blog posts.....

  2. It should have the label "tutorial"

    I need to get around to putting them all in the sidebar, and updating the "quilts I've made" page, but that's gunna cut into valuable sewing time.