Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It just keeps on coming...

So it's back to the grind. I started work at 2 today, but after 3 days of pre-9am wakings, I did a proper sleep in. Got up at 12. Had a shower. Got to the post office with just 20 minutes before work, having not yet had lunch.

There was three blue cards in the box. No actual mail, just 3 blue package cards.

Now I know I was expecting a pack from fabricshack.com, since I'm a complete sucker for their $7 postage. Their fabrics could be terribly overpriced, and I'd probably still go "yes, but fabricshop.com would charge me $45 to post that fabric" and I wouldn't even be lying to myself. There was a pack from ebay too, but I wan't expecting that one for a week or so, since Australia Post have really slowed lately - apparently it's customs holding everything up but I don't care, if you used to be able to get me my fabric from America in under a week, you should still be able to. It's just I no longer expect you actually will.

The third pack was a heap of Cocky's Circle books I bought on ebay for Maddy but had completely forgot about. This happens a lot to anything that isn't fabrics.

So, (not including the books) here's what I got.

First up is the binding/possibly part of the backing fabric for the Soiree Header Quilt.

It's actually from the range Summer Soiree, which has nothing to do with the actual Soiree line, in fact it's from a completely different manufacturer, it's just that it happens to have pretty much exactly the same colours. I've shown half the width of the fabric there - Those stripes are fat. This was an eBay one, and I bought the last 3 yards the guy had left.

The orange smudge and the purple smudge are from the eBay guy too, while the yellow and the pink are fabricshack.com. There's a yard of each. I'm buying a lot of solid pinks in the quest for the perfect one. That one's a Benartex.

These are half yards and no joke, the pink in this one (Bright Pink - Kona) is exactly the same shade. The brown spotty fabric and the blue and green geometric are eBay.

I got a half yard each of the second colourway of Nutmeg. I've got a project going in the first colourway which I need to make a back for soon. Not sure whether I'll use these for that or do a completely new project with them. But that's the joy of stashing, right?

More central park. More laying out and cooing. Half yards. I'm thinking I could maybe do the zigzag with prints instead of colours, but I'm not sure.

Of course, all of this is wonderful now that I've got to take them out and fold them how I like them and coo over them and take pretty pictures of them and show them off, but it wasn't as much fun at work this afternoon, knowing they were out in my car waiting to be looked at.

Because I was busy cooing I didn't make Kelsey's dinosaur/dragon toy tonight, but I have tomorrow off (Yay!) so that's my only plan.

Except for maybe some more cooing.


  1. You must have quite a stash! How do you keep it all organized?

  2. I would like pictures of the space you squash all this stuff into. Surely it's bursting at the seams? (pun intended )

    Marg and I were only commenting the other day that the post has slowed a lot from the US lately. I always give it two weeks before I start getting antsy.

    Beautiful fabric choices Sara. Good Luck with the dragon/dinosaur making!

    I want a day off!