Monday, March 14, 2011

It felt like I was achieving a lot, but...

So my much anticipated (okay, only by me) attempts at free motion quilting occurred today. And, unsurprisingly, the reality didn't quite meet expectation. Hardly surprising on an almost fifty year old machine, but hey. I can move the fabric smoothly, or I can keep my needle speed constant, but I can't seem to do both. Also, the tension was totally weird, but it is in need of a service at some point in the near future.

As a result, I've reverted to wavy stitch for today's quilting. Both mini Stairways to Heaven quilts have been quilted, and I might bind them tomorrow or I might leave them to sit unbound for a bit. Progress is progress though, binding or no.

I've decided I'm gunna try get half of the unfinished quilts done, so that's at least eight finishes. These two are a good start, and the black one has been basted so that shouldn't be too much actual work, though I still have to decide exactly how I'm gunna quilt it. And remember the Yellow and Brown Quilt from the first tutorial? That's still unquilted, and now the NAB Cup's finished the actual footy season is upon us, so I'll be getting onto that too. Then it's the retro twist quilt, the newsprint mingle twist quilt, Helen's birthday present quilt and the blue, green and purple disappearing nine-patch that made the cut, so they'll be getting done at some point fairly soon.

I've gotta do the purple quilt at some point too. But I'm in denial about that one and it's multitude of points just now. La la la la la not listening.

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  1. That's a lot of quilts there Sara.

    I've been slowly working on my Phd's and have two left to complete. Then there's the Dresden quilt and Little P's quilt too. I think that means I can start something new doesnt it?

    I cant believe actual football starts in less than two weeks. Mr. P is practically wetting himself with excitement.