Thursday, March 17, 2011

I very nearly went to bed without doing a post...

My laptop is working very hard right now to encode a divx file to a DVD. Poor thing is running at about 95°c right now, so I'm typing this up on palm pilot #2, because I don't want to lose the place I'm at in the ebook that's running on palm pilot #1. For the record, palm pilot #1 still has all the silver on it's power button. Other than that, they're identical.

Anyway, tonight, since I was feeling guilty about my complete lack of crafting progress, I bound the pink, orange and brown mini Stairways to Heaven quilt. Not that well, if I'm honest - my worries about bias cut binding were completely founded. I don't have one of those top-and-bottom-feeding feet that some people are massive fans of; well, I do but I think it's munted, since a) I'm not a massive fan of it because b) it doesn't feed at the top. It moves up and down, and gets in the way of me being able to grip and pull the fabric through. I just use a 40+ year old foot, polished smooth by literally miles of fabric. It usually works pretty good, but, to noones surprise, the fabric stretched and bunched and generally acted annoying. I've chucked it in the wash, so it should look better when it comes out, but I'll stick with straight cut binding, thanks.

Today before work I went to Spotlight and spent up on 20% off crafting supplies - I got a half dozen sculpeys for $3.20 a pop and some whole kits for air dry animals that were the same. And a sewing kit for a cat that's toats cute, and some bright tapestry wools and 20cm of tapestry... whatever you call it. It's not what I'd call fabric, but, you know, the stuff you tapestry on to. I'll draw some patterns on some and leave some blank. I considered going to the toyshop too - they usually have some cute kits but it was nearly 2.30 and I had to go to work.

Damn work, cutting into shopping and crafting time...


  1. I just composed my first ever witty post and lost it ... ah well. So what do you think the life span of straight cut binding v. bias cut binding is? That's the reason we're supposed to do it on the bias, right?

  2. I can't see how bias binding can be any stronger than double fold straight cut binding which is why I choose to use the latter. I figure most of my quilts will probably fall apart in about 10 years anyway so I'm saving myself the binding hassle.

    I went to Spotlight Tuesday night and saved 20% and then when I got home they'd sent me the 40 buck off voucher, which Im completely planning to use Saturday.

  3. I haven't even been quilting for a whole year yet so I've no idea how durable they both are. What's more, a lot of their arguments don't make that much sense to me, with the exception of doing bias for curves. I don't see how one thread having a weak point should wear any quicker than many threads having a weak point, and their argument that cross threads move more than straight threads seems odd to me - Maybe my binding is too tight since I don't want either way to move at all. My only thought is that straight cut would continue to degrade faster once it has broken, in much the same way that a straight cut tickertape quilt frays so much more than a bias cut chenille quilt.

    Just to confuse us even more, there's some websites that say that if you're double folding, it's fine, it doesn't matter. A double fold straight cut is apparently as good as a single fold bias cut (except for the curves) So that's what I'll continue to do.