Sunday, March 27, 2011

I scream... you scream...

Thank you all so much for your responses, I did some more asking around at work tonight and got way more left on tops than right on tops. Just want to clarify that I do mean fingers fully interlocked as well, and a change to the opposite meaning a full shift for each finger into the next gap. Unfortunately I can't take a photo, since, well, my hands are clasped together and I can neither hold the camera or press down on the shutter button while demonstrating. Bugger.

What I've decided I want now is a room full of very small children (maybe 2 or 3 years old) so I can see if they've got their preference already loaded or if they're cool with whatever. Is it fixed, like being left or right handed, or is it something you pick up in your earlier days, and then your body becomes accustomed to it? I'd also like some full upper body, arm and hand x-rays, to see if there's any minute differences from one side to the other, so that one way fits better than the other. But I don't really see myself getting either of these on an "I'd really quite like" basis, so I'll just have to go on asking random people.

Moving on, today before work I drew up nice A4 sheets of monster patterns so I can scan them in at some point in the near future, but not just now because it will wake up Barry. Then work, which was quite fun since we turned off half the lights for Earth Hour, and that make it feel exotic and interesting, even though it was actually a boring Saturday night. Then, since Casey was in the lounge and I didn't want to interrupt her snoring with the sound on my laptop as I worked on piecing some backings, I sat in my room and hand sewed my felt lobster demo and watched Mythbusters. It's taking a very long time, but I have a lot of Mythbusters episodes.

Hopefully around work tomorrow I can get these patterns scanned, write up some instructions, make a heap more progress on this lobster and maybe piece one of the simpler backs on my really quite long list. I bought more pins today so I can start basting if and when I do.

Or maybe I'll just eat icecream and watch more Mythbusters. That might happen instead. I got some of the good icecream today too. Actually, I might go get some now. 2am is a perfectly good time for icecream. Any time is a perfectly good time for icecream.


  1. btw my husband does right over left too, and he's right handed. what about the hemisphere you live in -- right over left in northern; left over right in southern?

  2. my husband says we should both get a life and not worry about the clasping ... as he sits and watches golf on TV ..

  3. I'm wondering how ethical it would be for me to test every two and three year old I work with this week for your study. I've come to the conclusion that my boss would take a rather dim view so I'm afraid you're on your own . However I will test Little P because there are no laws against making your own grandchild a guinea pig.

    I wish I liked icecream since you make it sound like so much fun....