Thursday, March 31, 2011

I remember now...

Remember how I had a big whinge the other night about how much I hated doing backings but how I kept on doing them anyway to challenge myself and explore new things and keep myself from getting bored? Turns out I was wrong. This one's only half done (well, the blocks are pieced, which took way longer than it should have because I got distracted by a bloody brilliant invention that no-one but me will ever need but which I'm gunna make a proper version of tomorrow anyway) but it's So. Freaking. Gorgeous.

I wish I had the courage to do something like this for a top. I probably will eventually but this will do for now. I'm glad I decided to do this tonight rather than start the next mingle quilt. I might have missed the magic.

Photos tomorrow when it's all done :)


  1. Sure...get me all excited at 4 am about the best.invention.ever. and then dont show pictures! You're just mean !

  2. Uh.......that was so wrong to lead me along.............but I am patient.

  3. I agree with them, very cruel, very mean, did you run out of things to blog about and then thought.....mmmm Im going to wind some people up and then let them go bang!
    My guess its a new icecream topping or scoop.

  4. I couldnt go back to sleep because I was thinking about what it might be ....

    Im betting she made cherry ripe icecream or something. And if you haven't Sara, and want to, email me for the recipe...