Friday, March 11, 2011

I. Hate. Matching. Points.

I'm wondering tonight if we take printed fabrics for granted so much that they have become a crutch. That it matters less when our points are off, because they are lost in the design of the fabrics.

I'm wishing I was working with prints again. I don't care if they're a crutch. I'm in it for the math, not the having to perfectly match points.

I gave up on the purple quilt for the night. There are two many points, and not enough print to hide their badness. It's at nine patch stage, so there's technically only 8 lines of stitching remaining. But that's still far, far too many points.

Good news though; instructions still appear to be excellent. They'll just need to be accompanied by some paint diagrams instead of photos, since the cutting booboo of the other night means mine will only be as big as shown above.

I bought some more solids today at Spotlight so I could have a go at doing it again, but now I've had to do all the points I'm less sure I want to. These are broadcloth instead of homespun, but the fabric quality is nicer than that of some of Spotlight's new range quilting fabrics. Which are gorgeous, as prints, and let down horribly by the weave, which pisses me off. I'd love to use some. But I wont. As for the will I/wont I do it again in the broadcloths, I haven't decided yet. Probably.

As for something I wont be doing again, the rainbow steps quilt.

The reason I wont be doing it again? Well, I think I got it right this time. Which is jolly good, as some of the points in this were a bitch too. But it did have a big advantage over the purple quilt - only half of the points are actual, point-to-point points. And of that half, about half of that I worked out so that they had a black pairing on one side, and when those points don't match, you can't see they don't, making it way easier than the purple quilt.

As well as some broadcloths, I also bought a half metre more of black to do a 10cm border. It's still going to be fairly small - it will come out to about 110 by 130. But that's big enough for me, and I don't plan on sharing. Even if Mum thinks it would look nice hanging on the wall.

It's hanging on my curtains now. It's really pretty. I'm thinking about doing a flower instead of the heart in the corner, but I haven't decided yet. I also haven't decided how to quilt it, but considering my backlog, I've got a fair while to decide.


  1. Im sure we quilting types like challenges but you do like to make it extra tricky. I dont mind admitting I am completely in love with heavy prints because they hide all my mistakes.

    Love the rainbow quilt Sara. Once it's quilted up you wont notice any minor errors. Good luck with the purple. (again you can quilt that out )

  2. They both look beautifull Sara and your fears on the purples being too close in colour to notice were also unfounded.