Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am the gonna bird*

Tonight was a gunna night. I was gunna start downloading the finale of White Collar and watch an episode of Burn Notice and start my seam pressing while it downloaded. But I started downloading it, got distracted by some webpages, sat on the bed and pressed random buttons for an hour. Then I watched it, and was really really disappointed, and went back to the internet to see if other people were really disappointed too. Some were, some weren't. But that's people for you.

I was gunna get one or the other of my two quilts finished tonight. I was gunna have some pretty piccies to show. I was gunna watch another two episodes of Burn Notice. I was gunna have some proper food for my late night tea, instead of a half dozen mini crunchie bars. I was gunna straighten my hair just before bed, so I could sleep away the static that develops.

I didn't do most of the things I was gunna, and what I did do I was disappointed by, but I remembered the word stealthy, which I think is one of my favourite words ever, though that might be Charlie the Unicorn's fault. There's an argument that haberdashery is the best word in the world, but it has it's opponents.

I'm gunna do better tomorrow. I'm gunna go spend that $10 voucher that Spotlight gave me, and I'm gunna finish at least one of my quilts, and I'm gunna write a better blog post tomorrow night.

*The Gonna Bird is a book that I had when I was little, but I usually spell it gunna, thus the variation between title and post. It's about a bird that's always planning on doing stuff but never follows through. As a result, anytime anyone does this in our house, I refer to them as a gunna bird. 

Today I am also a snuffleupagus, which, contrary to the beliefs of my co-workers, is indeed a muppet.


  1. I was attacked by the gunnas too last night! Do you think , like your cold, it's going around?

    Oh well- there's always the weekend!

  2. Im a gunna make an I spy bag any day now, spent my $10 Spotlight yerstday plus another $20, Im gunna stop doing that. Then when the kids went to bed I was gunna find the right fabric to use for the I spy bag, it just wasnt there so Im gunna have to make another trip back to spotlight. Then I was gunna have the night off and ended up make six little felt green apples. Im gunna give them to playgroup along with the six felt carrots I made yesterday. Im gunna make some for Bob and Esther one day and one day Im gunna make that retro quilt or Im gunna use the fabrics for something else and one day Im gunna go to bed early......No I dont think thats ever gunna happen.
    I think everyone has a little bit of gunna in them Sara and a little bit of gunna goes a long long way. So Im gunna go now

  3. Wow! We have lots of gunna birds around here too. Who knew they were native to both Australia and California? I'm gunna work on my daughter's Prom Quilt and I've been gunna make Christmas stockings for my kids for about 20 years ...