Monday, March 28, 2011


I think the thing that annoys me most about pieced backings is that they are a completely unnecessary evil. They're not like bindings, which you have to do, and so I always get part way through and wonder why the hell I'm doing it. I don't have to... I've got plenty of full width fabrics I could use. I could be doing plenty of better things instead.

But I keep on deciding to do fancy pieced backs. For reasons I can never remember when I'm part way through. Something to do with constantly challenging myself so I don't get bored, or, more likely, making me appreciate my lovely geometric repeating patterns.

Because I never do them for my backs. I always go for some crazy random angles and piece as you go techniques. Which are so very not me. Which probably explains why I got halfway through tonight and gave up. But hey, progress, remember? And I got the monster patterns scanned and posted, and even managed to fit in a little self indulgent icecream and Mythbusters.

I hereby declare tonight to be a resounding success! To celebrate, here's an advertising banner that popped up tonight alongside my emails:



  1. I do pieced backs to use up a lot of the scraps the front made, so I don't add to my ever growing scraps stash. I think it also jazzes it up and gives it a little more of a surprise.

  2. I hate making quilt backs full stop. I've even thought about making the back before the front of the quilt to see if that thrills me.

    My backs are very plain usually. Sometimes I'll do a strip down the middle but that's about as fancy as I get...

    Progress IS progress.

  3. I usually just use flannel backings and only piece because the quilt is too wide to not piece. However on my linky quilt I pieced and loved it almost as much as the front... so for me it was worthwhile, though who knows if/when I'll do it again.

    Hooray for ice cream and mythbusters!