Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He can't bite your finger - he's go no mouth.

I just spent the last hour sitting on the loo, playing jawbreaker on my palm pilot.

I might be willing, for one night only, to admit that the people who think I'm wasting my life, may just have a point.

Thankfully, one wasted hour does not a wasted day make. Instead, in one day I made:


And Alan.

And then, after tea, I made these.

Which is handy, since I've lost the one I took up to Adelaide. It's probably out in the car. Please note the Jim Beam can isn't mine, it's just all that was in the fridge.

I love the idea of selvedge stubby holders so much better than just about anything else made of selvedges. For a start, you need so little - the blue one, where I've shown some fabric as well, used 11 bits of 10cm selvedge, as well as the backing fabric with selvedge attached to be one binding and a coloured selvedge as the other binding. But better than that, it's so much more out-there than a selvedge quilt or a cushion. Because lets face it, anyone who's in your house to see it probably knows you're a quilter anyway, whereas a stubby holder, getting out there in the real world, will let you be recognised as a quilter by other quilters. People you may have known for ages but neither of you knew the truth about the other. It's like a secret symbol.

I make mine velcro up, because it's easier than trying to sew around or closed. Except I get most of it done and can never find my bit of velcro. I need to go buy some more tomorrow before work, so I can go make Kelsey's.

I need to get some fabric too, now that I've tested my new dinosaur/dragon pattern (perfect in every way, except I need to not stuff the arms so much and make sure my feet are at the same height) so that I can make a proper version for Kelsey. Charlie will probably stay living with me and Ellanor (whose design needs a bit of work - she has very bad cellulite) and Alan, who I think will maybe be my first ever toy pattern put online, since he seems pretty perfect too. I'm gunna suggest though - don't do him like I did, interfacing batting to his fabrics and sewing him with it attached so there'd be enough padding in his tail, spending 45 minutes slowly turning him right way out, then hand sewing his lines on and stuffing his head. Use felt, and sew him right side out. It will be about a million billion times easier. Even with the hand sewing.


  1. Thanks for sharing the little gem about the toilet...I have a fantastic visual picture about why you needed to spend an hour in there playing games and it wont go away...

    OK onto more pleasant thoughts as I read your post first thing this morning.

    I love anything made from selvedges. The stubby holder is fantastic.

    I saw a dinosaur similar to the one you made selling for 40 bucks in a kids clothes boutique recently so you could make your fortune if you sold them. Love Alan...if you post the pattern I'll do one so albino crab isnt so lonely!

  2. It helps to have a translator.
    Love the dino -- love all three.