Friday, March 25, 2011

FML. I've lost my ability to shop.

Some days I'm just really really dumb. It started with a typo in the last post's title, which, probably, none of you noticed. And then, today, I went to Spotlight to get red felt to make a tutorial version of Alan, and red cotton, and stuffing, for the new Alan and Kelsey's version of Charlie. And I bought... none of them. They had no red felt, so I got purple, and matching cotton, and then I completely forgot the stuffing. I then went to Lincraft, looking for red felt, got some, but completely forgot the cotton. And the bloody stuffing, which I needed way more than the felt or the cotton. Bloody Hell!

I'm blaming work, since I got suckered in to going today. And tomorrow. My two consecutive days off, which the unions say I have to have at least once each 10 days, have gone. Buh bye. And not only have I lost my sewing days, I've also lost my one true ability - shopping.

Since I can't shop, I've concluded I can't really do anything useful today. So I've been watching Mythbusters, and eating massive quantities of chocolate.

I'm still good at that, at least.


  1. Oh no! I'm sure it will come back to you. You just need to try again. The massive quantities of chocolate will probably help. It's a vegetable you know.

  2. I did notice the typo but thought you were just talking in ebonics or something...

    Trust me - your ability to shop is just having a hiatus -Im sure it'll come back. Stinks about having to work though . Im counting down the minutes until 5 pm today and plan on enjoying two days of whirlwind sewing activity!

  3. Sara I have plenty of red felt here and stuffing so if you needed to get crabby you could have just come here. I disagree with Thea on the chocolate, I class it as dairy, one of the very important 5 food groups but it does definatly help we all agree on that.
    You should tell the union about your failed shopping attempt, surely they could help you out with that, some sort of protest or officials that can escort you to Spotlight, make sure all your needs are met then drive you home again. I havnt done any cradting other than Tillies ticker tape quilt, I have about fifty more squares to hand sew and then the binding, I have approx 20 days to do it in. I really miss creating other things =(

  4. Can it be both? a vegetable and a dairy? Either way, it's a necessary food group.

  5. I love him. May i call him Darren?
    I noticed the typo but felt it rude to correct so just rolled with it.
    Lincraft economy needs you and helen tomorrow, or rather Kelsey needs a 4 hour time killer tomorrow. I will pick things for you to buy- problem solved! excellent i need binding!

  6. Darren is pretty much the coolest dinosaur name Hi Kelsey and welcome home.

    Helen , chocolate is the 6th forgotten food group...everyone knows that!

  7. The food groups according to Sara

    - Icecream
    --- Chocolate
    ----- Fast Food
    ------- Oven bake
    --------- White Bread

    Darren? As in backpacker Darren, whose arguments didn't stand up in much the same way that Darren the drunkosaurus doesn't stand up?

  8. Darren the Tipsytryannosaurus trash talker. Of course after backpacker Darren, he is legend.
    HI Shay! I'm devo i didn't get to crash the shopping party and meet you- next time! even if you didn't have candy or a van.
    Well done on the shopping today Sara, you got your Mojo back!