Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Done. Sorta. Just.

Sometimes, you've got to suck it up and tell yourself "Look, if you do it tonight you wont have to do it tomorrow."

Sometimes, that's enough to get it done, if not done well.

The colours don't look this horrible in real life, I promise.

Whenever I piece my backings, I like to do so on a diagonal, so that I don't have to match my back to my front before I straight line quilt. If the alignment is meant to be wrong, it doesn't matter if it's a little bit too much or too little wrong. A regularly intersected line is as well quilted as an echoed line. As a result, I'm quite cross with myself for putting that horizontal line smack bang across the middle, but really, right from the beginning this was always going to be a bit demented - as the queen of pre-planning and quilt math, you would think I could have realised before I started that if you align your four big triangles to the corners of a rectangle, they wont meet in the middle and so maybe that's not the best plan. By tonight it was very much a case of "just do what needs to be done to get the damn thing quiltable" and I did. Just. It's a good thing I do wide bindings, especially on the back, because there's some places where it just doesn't fit.

I solemnly promise and swear to think a bit more about the back of the next quilt I do, before I start hacking into the fabrics.


  1. Great idea about not having to line things up -- I did on mine and it didn't. I think the back looks great.

  2. I agree..sometimes it's just about getting it done.

    I think the back looks great!