Monday, March 7, 2011

Do I feel lucky, punks?

Is it terribly terribly pretentious of me to believe that a quilt pattern of mine will work fine without any testing - indeed, without me having ever made the quilt before? I had never made the big Stairways to Heaven quilt before I wrote up the tutorial, though it was admittedly the same as the little one, with a bit different maths. And I got all the math right, it was the instructions I got wrong, and that was because I was referring to an old version of the colour mockup, which was wrong.

This colour mockup is right, and I am quite, quite sure this will work flawlessly. I haven't bothered this time with stuff on how to piece your quilt top, or what to do on the back. Indeed, it's a lot more conventionally straightforward, with the cutting instructions, the instruction for the quarter-blocks, the actual blocks and then the quilt top as a whole. And all the maths, obviously, because it's what I'm best at.

I've did it earlier tonight instead of doing the pink, orange and brown version of the Mini Stairways to Heaven quilt top. Which I'm starting to regret giving such a long name to, since I'm having to type it way too much. But it's done now, and looks really really nice.

Usually when I take a photo of a quilt on the lino I put a piece of batting underneath it so you can't see the dark lino through the fabrics. But my batting is still in a neat roll, and it's easier to pack up the quilt tops on their lonesome without batting clinging to their backs. As a result, the colours look a wee bit shite there*, but they're not. If anything, I think this is prettier than it's blue and green cousin.

But back to the pattern - Do I use the last of my money (till Tuesday night) going to Spotlight and getting 4 solids to try it out or do I wait a few days? I'm feeling a massive urge to get all these up before I get bored of writing tutorials, which in my experience can happen at any moment. Or, is someone out there feeling brave, and wants to try a literally untested pattern?

*As have pretty much all of the Stairways to Heaven quilt tops, since I'm really not feeling the actual-quilting bug.

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  1. I'm off to Spotlight today to buy dots ...I think you should go too. After all it's Tuesday tomorrow!

    I'll pass on the pattern testing. Ive been asked to test a pattern for a friend that is currently for sale over at Hawthorne Threads and I promised I'd do it (I dont do well with patterns ) and I'm busting to make your Stairways to Heaven quilt too. I have too many ideas in my head!