Saturday, March 19, 2011

Change of plans.

So I'm still in Adelaide. Kelsey's dad got here about 4 and said I could stay with them if I wanted. And Kelsey seemed to be enjoying the company so I stayed too.

Now, what I should do next is tell you all about my day. But I'm worried it will be a bit of a spoiler of Shay's big post tomorrow. Suffice to say, she isn't a creepy old guy in a trench coat, but is instead everything I was expecting. Nice and funny and completely ready to blame me for all her fabric purchases. I've devised a cover for her "Yes, but you should see how much Sara bought" though she's probably worked that one out for herself. When all the ladies in the line start gossiping about "what ever can that girl need all that fabric for?" you know you're shopping right.

But now I've run out of money (Though to my mind, still having a couple of hundred is broke - I like to be covered for any emergencies that crop up) so it's a) a good thing I didn't go to Lucindale and b) a good thing my car is full of petrol, and very efficient. When I filled up today it read an average of 6.1L per 100km, and that was the city driving as well as the distance stuff. $33 I put in, I filled up in Naracoort, which is about 100km past my house, so it's probably used about 30 litres for the whole trip.

Which meant I had more money to buy fabric. So I did.


  1. Did you toss a coin to see who would get to post? Happy to hear you had a good time. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. I totally blamed you ...shamelessly. I dont think Mr. P bought it. But once I made it sound like you were 8 feet tall and built like a brick outhouse he backed off.

    Sara Did It is going to become a standing catch cry in this house.