Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bitchin' (used in this context as a compliment)

So first of all, some good news. I commented on some people's blogs the day after I read them, and nothing bad happened.

Actually, later tonight I went to comment on a facebook photo that Ballarat Patchwork had up of a quilt in progress, but my phone randomly put the comment on someone else's post. But it was a photo that had only been up for an hour or so, so it wasn't the commenting delay that caused the badness, phew. Just a stupid version of facebook mobile.

Anyways, as I said yesterday, work, getting stuff ready for Boobs and Jordan's* engagement party and then the actual party itself pretty much completely robbed me of quilting time today. But, here's the thing, I'm capable not only of letting life be a procrastination from crafting, but also of letting crafting be a procrastination from life.

Thus, let me introduce, the Bitchin' Chair.

Bitchin', isn't it? Obviously I didn't make the actual chair - it's from Woolies, and they finally kicked into half price today. We've had them for ages (by we I mean Woolies; I work there) for $30 and I knew they'd get marked to half price at some point, and I actually got a junior to go stash me one because I was stuck supervising and I didn't want to miss out. Then, having saved $15 on the actual chair, I went straight to Spotlight to spend $16 on fabrics to make a cover for the chair.

Because that's how I roll.

It's a very simple thing - I got a metre each of the floral drill (same as my handbag and heavily featured in the swag quilt) and hot pink poplin, as well as some blue ribbon that I was gunna use to give it a pretty edge but which got used on the cake Casey made them instead. Laid the top fabric out upside down over the chair and pushed it into the crease at the bottom, drew a line in the crease and around the edge. Cut it out, and used the bit that was leftover to do the bit at the base. Sewed them together, cut pink into three 32cm strips, joined them together, folded it in half, sewed around the edge of the big circle. Add some elastic and voilĂ , Bitchin' chair.

My cover is completely removable so it can be chucked in the machine when someone spills alcohol on it and the chair itself has only one, teensy tiny fault.

It doesn't really fit into the boot of a Suzuki Swift. Probably not a problem for those of you who don't have a Swift, but Taylor and I are kinda tight now, and while I like to usually have a chair in the boot, it wont be this one.

Still, the fact that I won't always have immediately to hand the Bitchin' chair does not in any way lessen it's bitchin'ness, so it can be bitchin' at home.

Unfortunately, spending all my time being bitchin' got in the way of researching my big plans. I'll get on them tomorrow, cause they're bitchin' too.

*Boobs would be Steph Vine and Jordan would be Gordan Megaw.


  1. That my friend is one Bitchin' chair

  2. Love the Bitchin' chair. Is there anything you cant do?

    I guess it gave you a break from knocking two more quilts up yesterday!

  3. Spotlight is having 20% of everything on Tuesday and Wednesday, I bet you cant stay away from that either.
    Oh and Shay she cant NOT buy fabric and she certainly couldnt survive on just food fron the freezer for a month.

  4. I bet she could survive on freezer food if it was full of icecream...he he

  5. Freezer food sure, I pretty much live on oven bake stuff and icecream. But while I stash fabric and thread and batting and undies, I don't stash food, because everyone else in the house eats it. I'd have maybe a few days worth of food in the freezers, then it's a diet of vegemite on toast, boiled eggs and instant mashed potato. I do have a secret stash of chocolates, but I'm endangering it just by posting about it here, so lets pretend I never mentioned it.