Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Plan Progress (because there hasn't been any other kind)

While some people used the public holiday to achieve a whole lot, I... didn't. Quilting-wise at least. I got the binding made for the two Mini Stairways to Heaven quilts. The one for the pink, orange and brown one is my first ever binding cut on the bias; I know it's recommended and all but it just seemed like an awful lot of work, and I've always been worried that it will stretch as I try to sew it on. That is a discovery for another day though, since I'm really not feeling like binding tonight (though really, at what point in the last nine months have I ever felt like binding?) The only reason I cut it on the bias anyway is that it was a stripe going across the fabric, instead of along. I know, weird right? So I figured, what the hey, it was only $2 a metre, may as well try something new and interesting, so I can at least know never to do it again, and it's only a small quilt so the horror wont last too long.

I'm so pathetically pessimistic when it comes to trying new things. I'm like an old lady "back in my day..." and "things just aren't as good as they used to be..."

One new thing I will be trying this week is going to Adelaide by myself. I've driven up there plenty of times, but always with family or the ex-boyf. It's only for one night, and I've organised it so I can stop at the Lucindale Field Days on the way, for all that I won't really have any money to spend if I'm gunna do a Spotlight crawl while I'm up there.

The boys went up this weekend to do a pub crawl. I'm going up on Friday to do a Spotlight crawl. I maintain that my unique, oddball attitude makes me interesting and hip, whereas theirs simply makes them hungover.

Of course, I've picked clipsal weekend, the weekend when everything is so much harder than it should be. But I've found myself the only unbooked room in Adelaide, in a backpacker hostel, and I've got 3 GPS devices (my spare phone has one, there's one that lives in my glove box and I'm gunna take Mum's too, just in case) to get me around traffic awkwardness, and I've spent an hour or so today on google maps, finding roads I can and can't take, and craft stores to stop at.

Truth be told, the circuit is disappointingly small, (which I know is a good thing for me, it's just that I was expecting something much more city-ruining) and in completely the opposite direction from Flinders Medical, which is, Spotlights not withstanding, why I'm going. To chillax with the other total freaking rock star from mars*, smuggle her in some contraband (that would be pepsi max) and perhaps have a crafternoon without any craft. I'm thinking I'll take up all the monster templates, and we can browse the internets for a fabric (or maybe pick something from my shopping adventures) and draw up some faces and I can do it all on the machine when I get home. Or I can break her out of rehab and we can shop together. What's their policy on illegally downloaded movies?

In the meantime, work, and quilting and binding. Ergh, meh and ergh again. For once, bring on the exciting new adventures.

*Actually, that should be the other way round. Charlie Sheen ain't got nothin' on Kelsey.


  1. I've never done binding on the bias either. I dont think many people do ....

    If you're going to be South you shouldnt have too much trouble with the Clipsal restricions. If you have a spare hour or three while you're here give me a call!

  2. How did the binding on the bias work out? I keep thinking I'll try it but haven't got up the nerve. BTW, you and Shay are quite the pair; you keep me quite amused. I'm sure that's the main objective to your posts and comments! thanks!

  3. I have to agree with Thea, I love to read Sara's posts but they are twice as good when Shay has had her say. They certainly make quite a team but I dont think I would want to sit next to them when they got together in the same room.
    Kelsey may be home by the weekend Sara, when are you going?
    Hey new Spotlight challenge starts Thursday $40 for spending a $100, its spending money to save money.

  4. YAYYYYY more freakin excited than nutloaf day! Don't worry I'll be here, one more week tommorrow : ( but SARRAAA is COOOMMMingggg sara is coomming!!and shes bringing contraband!!!
    hoorayy. Had craftanoon today, was a dud if you ask me. My roomate has playdough though :)Hello friend. Adelaide, monsters, contrabrand, you are a freaking rock star from Mars.