Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because the world needs pretty colours.

I really baulk at the idea of paying $15.95 for 4 yards of fabric from when can fit 9 yards in a package and will only make you pay $6.

Not that I can get any fabric right now, since I have no moneys till next Tuesday. But since I'm working instead of making stuff, much to my chagrin, I shall have plenty of moneys on Tuesday night to have a bit of a shop-up.

Tonight, I came up with this.

Which is damn pretty, but can't be done without chopping each shape of colour into random bits, or, for balance but more effort, doing them all with individual squares.

I also haven't really done any proper piecing on point before - I make most of my backings on point so I don't have to match seams, but I've never properly pieced. I don't even know why I went with it, except that I was vaugely copying a much more intricate rainbow design which was in diagonals, and my blood-demazin reading is way over .05 so I'm too doped up to realise when I start doing something that it would work fine in either direction. But because the line always shifts one block to the side, it wouldn't go straight up and down just because my piecing did, so I think it looks better like this. That said, I'll probably never make it, but if someone wants to give it a go they're more than willing to try. I only did it becasue the new episode of White collar is taking forever to download, and it seemed like a good time for some pretty colours.

But then, what time isn't?


  1. I like the pops of black in this quilt.Have you ever thought about designing and selling patterns Sara ?

    Ive never done the on point thing either. I guess I'll get round to it one of these days!

  2. That quilt design is beautiful. I still haven't moved beyond nine patches!