Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aaaaand relax...

It's quarter to three in the morning, and I've finally finished the back for the rainbow steps quilt.

I know it's a weird-arse angle, but all of my non-blurry straight on photos had white spots.

One day I'm gunna properly write up about the effort that I go to to piece backs - it always feels like more work than doing the top. This one involved piecing long strips (ergh) and then cutting them into diagonals with scissors (bigger ergh) and then filling the gaps by putting some fabric over the top, and cutting around it (really big ergh)

The tiny white spot on the edge is outside the size of the actual quilt top, now with borders.

I'm a bit worried that you can kinda see the batting through the fabric, but I figure it will go away once it's all wrinkly.

Tomorrow I have work (another ergh) but it's only for 3 hours (so it's a short ergh) and then I have an engagement party to attend, which isn't an ergh in itself, but does mean that I wont be spending the afternoon working on free motioning some cushion covers I'm making for the practice.

I'm looking at setting some big plans in motion too, but they'll require some big research/planning.

P.S. I had planned on going around and commenting on the FTF posts tonight, but I hadn't planned on it being 3am by the time I got to my laptop, so I'll have to go against my natural instincts, and comment the day after (duh duh duuunnn)


  1. The quilts look great love black and solids, you can get a grey batt that is for using on dark colours, I have had black quilts continue to beard through and others that don't I think it depend on the batting and you probably should go for something that is needle punched.

  2. I just love the back and the front! Wow!

  3. You're a wild and crazy gal with the day after FTF commenting...I hope your head doesnt explode.

    I LOVE the back for this quilt, and yes Ive often thought you put as much effort into the backs of your quilts as you do the fronts. That makes them reversible quilts ...2 for the price of 1 , especially this one! It's really really striking. This might be my favourite quilt of yours so far!

  4. This is a VERY pretty, VERY striking quilt! And, I think you are right...IF the batting comes thru, it won't show once it's "wrinkle-ly"..

    I couldn't find an email to thank you for your kind comments about my granddaughter's eyeglass necklace. So...came Thank YOU!