Thursday, December 9, 2010

WB, mojo...

There is a singlet top from Kmart which I re-buy on end of season clearance every year. Some years are better than others - most years I have to pay $4 or $5 a pop (regular price is $10) but one year they got down to $1.50. With the exception of the hottest days of summer (I get sweaty belly, so I wear a proper bra instead) I will pretty much always be wearing one of these singlets. They are super comfy, stop my boobies roaming free* and look nice too, because of the little pleats at the neckline. The straps are not too skinny, the back is not too high the armholes don't open too far forward, and they are long enough that they don't ride up at the hips.

Clearly, they are the one true love of my life. 

Oh, and I cut one up to use as a pattern a year or so ago, and some of my favourite formal tops were made from it.

But naturally I can't find any of them now. I really need to clean my room out, but I'm under the impression I have missed my 3-month window of opportunity. Come March I can say I am Northern Hemisphere Spring cleaning, but that's still a while off.

So here's the test one I made before work today. I can't show it to you on, since it ended up slightly too small, and even though I got it on earlier, it took two people to help me get it off, so I wont be putting it back on just for a photo. (there's no zip, it's meant to be just an over and on thing, even without stretch)

It's actually almost the same construction method as my handbag, with the pleating on the outer and the lining, and sewn face to face before being flipped right side out. I didn't do the bottom, since it was only a test, and the shoulder join is a bit shoddy, so I'll need to work out an alternate method, but the theory seems to hold. I need to make the straps longer and everything else a bit bigger, and do my pleating a bit neater, and have a go at ironing the creases out/in as necessary, but I feel like my mojo has, like most of my tertiary-studying co-workers, returned home for the holidays.

Unfortunately what my mojo actually wants to do while it's down here is watch How It's Made, an utterly fantastic show on the Discovery Channel. I don't blame it. Tonight, episodes 3, 4 and 5: Toothpicks, Copy Paper, Toilets and Beer, among other things.

*but my boobies are pretty well behaved anyway, and almost never need to be bra-d in.


  1. Sure - brag about your perky boobies without thought for us well endowed middle aged chicks that need to wear a bra like reinforced concrete to stop them sitting atop our waist line.

    Love the prototype fabric. Got a huge giggle at you having to be extricated by two people once you wanted to take it off. And Im happy you found your mojo.

  2. You always make me laugh Sara, your bras would be more like little hacky sack holders wouldnt they, whereas mine are like the big tops from a circus. I will book the mini me market stall today, I just assumed we would procrastinate about it for a bit longer but if I book it you know that means "Game on" Sew like theres no tomorrow, sew let it sew let it sew! (Sorry got carried away with the christmas tune there.
    I went to Spotlight on Tuesday with my $40 off voucher and bought a heap of felt and some ribbon, I was so excited then I got a new spotlight catalogue and I see felt is 50% of, you just cant ever win can you.

  3. One would assume that if I can get it on myself it should come off without assistance, but no such luck. It actually looked really nice the size it is, but I'm too lazy to put a zipper in so I can get it on and off.

  4. hooray for mojo! I am looking forward to seeing the final version of this. I also really liked the fabric of the test version :-)

    ~ Meagan