Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This, that and the other...

So my tablet got here today and I've spent most of the night playing with it. I've installed MioPocket over the silly onboard OS without bricking it (yay) but it's taking forever to load anything, so I think I'll be fiddling for a while yet. I wish I could just put the same version of pocket PC that I have on the others onto this - it's older but it does everything I want it to. It's a shame that that's not how these little buggers work.

I also got a dozen fat quarters in the mail today - flourish by alisha.place.frost for STUDIOe

There are a couple of doubles in there, but I only paid $26 for the lot. I really like them though, and even though I've got a full week of work ahead of me before christmas, they are making me want to get into doing another quilt. I still haven't decided on a backing or binding for the other one yet so there's no progress there, and Bob's quilt is still rolled up on my little pile ready to be quilted (with the Autumn Nutmeg quilt, which also hasn't got a back yet)

Fortunately, I'm all done for Christmas, with the exception of making two jellybears for Helen to give to Bob and Esther. If I had to do any more than that I'd probably chuck in the towel and say I didn't wanna do it. Christmas that is.

I'm kinda amazed at how into Christmas some people are. I guess 22 isn't prime Christmas age. I have made a headband out of some Christmas fabric and that's about it, if you don't count the spending of hundreds of dollars on present and the resumption of binge drinking.

Speaking of alternate reality party me, in the truest traditions of party photos, most of them were blurry, over flashed, and too close to the face to use. This one is kinda blurry, and still doesn't really show you much of my top at all, but at least I look fairly nice.

I wish I knew why my eyes always come out as brown in photos, when they're blue in the mirror. And I wish I knew how to fix it in photoshop without making myself look demonic.


  1. Finally a picture . You're gorgeous.

    I blanked out everything you wrote about the tablet which is what I do when I read about anything remotely technological. I hear blah blah blah (just like the Simpson's dog ) With my blog changes some weird random things are going on so I may be calling on you for email advice.

    I like Christmas but I wouldnt say I go all out. I've done some decorating, finished the shopping and made some chocolate stuff and that's it. The only reason all that stuff is finished is because I have to work all this week !

  2. Hey Sara, dont panic about the jelly babies, Im happy to get them any time, it dosnt have to be for christmas. same with Bob's quilt, as long as we get them before they both turn 4 thats ok with me.Oh and by the way "Nice fat quarters"
    Also all the quilting fabric at spotlight is half price on boxing day but you probably already knew that.