Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is apparently my 200th post... Happy Bicentenary...

Today was something of a mixed bag. I got the pink quilt top finished pretty early on and tried to get into some monster toys, but my fabrics just weren't working for me. The white felt I got for eyes, which was the expensive wool/viscose stuff might I add, fluffed up and piled horribly before I'd even finished the first one. And the genuinely vintage velour I've been using frays something horrible, and then all the little bits of fluff fly off and magically end up at the back of your throat, so I've been sounding like the cat trying to get up a furball. I'll go back to using iron on mending patches tomorrow even though that means no more of the puuurty velour, but maybe that's not a bad thing.

After admitting defeat I had some icecream (der) and pieced a back for the pink quilt, basted it and I've done about half the quilting. So there's achievement there, but still not so much in the little things. Which I know I should be doing... But the universe keeps saying no.

Tomorrow before work I want to finish quilting this one and maybe bind it too, or at least do the front since it's not gunna be one of my wide, easy bindings, and maybe if possible get a back pieced for the Awesome quilt top - it's okay, I bought real quilting fabric so no more poplin wars.

I'll have another go at some more monsters after work, and more importantly once I have more supplies.


  1. Happy 200th Post.

    Sometimes projects just dont go the way we want them to. Thats when you know you have crafty crapitis. Hope they work out on the second crack! It sounds like you go t busy and achieved other stuff. (And it gave you an excuse to eat icecream so it's not all bad right ?)

  2. Sara I have millions of felt bits and pieces at my house, in fact the lounge room and the dining room table are covered in it, come get it if you like, thats what I used for eyes and mouth and biscuits and donuts & strawberries.
    The wool felt is quite fragile and it does ball at bit.
    Im sure my beautifull husband will be very pleased when the market is over and all the felt and sewing things go away in the cupboard again. He never says anything but our place looks like a fabric factory exploded in there.

  3. It's so frustrating when things don't go as planned. But that's just another motivation to get creative!

    Congrats on #200 :-)

    ~ Meagan