Thursday, December 23, 2010

That is very good news...

Well, I'm not as far along as I had planned, but since I had planned on being finished, that's not a surprise. Thankfully, some good news I got today means I no longer need to be finished by 2pm tomorrow, so I rode the wave of backing angst instead of freaking out and rushing into something I could very well now be regretting.

When I got home from work I laid it all out on the floor and thought that it was kinda boring. I love all the fabrics individually (the main fabric, even though it's not a great tie in with the others, will be re-bought on boxing day so I can keep some of it's retro-ey goodness) but together they didn't seem to mesh, and a single pieced diagonal line seems a bit dull compared to all of the fancy stuff I've done. So I got out a couple of other fabrics and laid them out on top, and how I had them laid out looked really nice. But nothing like this:

Which is just some rainbow shapes on a pale blue background. But my idea was that I could just do wide strips of different lengths and widths, laid out on a bit of a diagonal, and the stuff that got pushed out over the edge when I put in the coloured bits I could use to make up the width needed for the backing. But I got all angsty about it, and decided to go have a shower to think it over, and when I came back to it, I decided that even though it was really cool, I wasn't sure how well I could fill out the missing space, if I would need to use lots of little messy bits, and that it was better just to go with the original plan. Which of course took ages anyway, so instead of the quilt being in the washing machine ready to put in a post office box tomorrow, it's basted ready to be quilted tomorrow.

A handy little bit of math (4 large blocks, 6 lines of quilting in each, each way) tells me there's technically only 48 lines of quilting to be done. And binding of course - I thought today how excellent it would be if I could fob it off on Helen but then I remembered I'm quilting either side of the ditch, so it will look best with the second row of stitching on the back of the binding. And then I thought, "Oh no, I don't have enough binding fabric" but that's okay, because I have time to get more tomorrow now.



  1. Love the in your face colours!

  2. Thats such a cop out sending it to poor Helen, you get yourself out of trouble every time so I dont know what you panic about. JUST BREATH and get on with it. Having said that, Im always happy to help but the only overnighters I pull now are to look after babies. Anyway Im still disapointed the quilt isnt for me.
    PS you have some poor excuses to go buy more fabric. Just say it out loud and believe it "I dont need to make up excuses to buy fabric."