Monday, December 20, 2010

Since about four this afternoon I have had 8 passionfruit cruisers and 3 passionfruit ruskies. They're basically the same thing, but the ruskies are cheaper and not as nice.

The work meeting was dull, I wasn't allowed to drink there but I took in a couple and Simone and I had them while we waited for our lift.

I'm a good girl, not drinking and driving.

If I was a large male, I suspect I wouldn't have even been over the limit. But, being a 45kilo girl, I got mum to take me. I should have gotten her to get me KFC, cause I'm hungry now. But it was 3 hours ago. 

Amazingly, even though I have mint madness icecream, I'm not in the mood to eat* it. I want some hot food. I believe a kebab is traditional but I'm thinking either mashed potato from a pack or maybe baked beans.

Thankfully, I don't start work till 5.30pm tomorrow.

*for whatever reason, I wrote drink and didn't realise until I did my final read over. Maybe I am a bit drunk.

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  1. It sounds like you were at the "relaxed" stage of drinking which IMO is the best place to be when dancing with alcohol.

    This week will probably be crazy for you Sara. I hope people arent too rude and obnoxious at work (I mean the customers)