Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh well...

I'm terribly sorry, but I don't have a stunning work Christmas show top to show you all. Casey had to go hang out with her boyfriend so she couldn't come to spotlight with me, but she suggested I try for "VE Commodore Green"

If I had a Commodore, it would be a VT, not a VE. But if I had a VE, it would be a ute. And it would be green. VE Commodore Green. But unfortunately "Atomic Metallic" (as it's called) isn't a colour that features heavily in the fabrics available from Spotlight. It isn't even available in a mid-weight, let alone a satin. So I've picked a half dozen other greens, pretty much every green-y satin-y fabric that was on clearance, but I haven't even turned my machine on today.

Instead I did ALL my Christmas shopping, which, silly me, including an all in one remote I decided to get for my Dad, but which I obviously had to program, because he's a bit useless with technology, and if I didn't I'd pretty much just be giving him a lump of plastic with confusing instructions*. Fortunately it all went well, unfortunately Mum sent me in to get another two and made me program them as well. So they're being used already, and it's one less Christmas present for Dad. At least Mum paid for the other two.

Then I got an urge to make chocolate almond clusters. So I did. And then I wanted second tea (it was about 11pm by this point and that's a good time for second tea), so I cooked a bag of fish. We usually eat it the day it's caught and Dad gives away the rest, but it was still nice at two days old. I suppose people buy it from the shops older, but I'm still worried that it's too old. It's not like it's been out of the fridge or anything, but still. It just seems weird. Like... buying a cat.


I've got a late start tomorrow so I can make progress before that. Yay progress.

*in twelve languages

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  1. I did all my Christmas shopping yesterday too. If I buy a universal remote I'm sending it to you for programming, because I cant understand the intructions either.