Sunday, December 19, 2010

My feet hurt. Even though I was wearing my boots.

It was a really really fun night. We crossed the road to maccas, demanded country music, danced badly and were the last ones to leave. I had 6 drinks (4 cruisers, a glass of wine and a Jamesons and coke) over 7 hours, which is kinda soft. But since normally I usually give up after the second one, having gotten a bit of a headache, I'm feeling like it was a satisfactory warm up for tomorrow.

I don't actually have any alcohol sorted, and people are planning on arriving around 11, which is when I'll still be asleep. Noone will mind if I leave for a bit, but I'm worried they might block my car in.

And now I need to stop typing and put on some quite loud TV, because my sister's boyfriend is staying over.

Expect me to be much more incoherent tomorrow night.


  1. I should also say that I wore my funkadelic 70s style shift top with my nice jeans, which I made (and wore) for Jess Coates' 18th about 6 months ago. I'm sure there will be photos facebooked in the next few days, but I personally didn't take a camera.

  2. Unless theyve moved Maccas, I know where you were last night because you said crossed the road.

    Glad you had a good time. What's going on today? All this partying makes me feel like an old fart because Im not doing any!

  3. Awww, I feel bad for not replying but you got sent to the junk folder. Silly Hotmail. :(

    But can I say, I think it's wonderful that you've come out as yourself in the blogosphere. It threw me for a second this morning, when I had a comment from "Shay" but then I got all happy.