Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Again!

I had planned on waiting till the wee small hours as per usual but I've made it home safe and my chips are in the deep fryer, and I have a few spare minutes.

Unfortunately, these photos are terrible. Hanging on the line photos really only work if you've just taken the quilt off the bed, because the wrinkles really show. But Kelsey, the recipient, my cousin and follower of this blog, has it now, and maybe it will appear on her blog. Which I can't find, because blogger wont let me backtrack unless she comments. So instead of directing you there to read her story, I'll have to sum it up here.

Kelsey has been in and out of hospital for a while now with anorexia. We worry about her because she's so beautiful and funny and we don't want to lose her. She's been to crafternooons and working on a tickertape quilt and making felt food with Helen. She's been in hospital this week and Casey decided last weekend that we should all get together and try and film a concert like we used to do when we were kids to send up because we thought she might be stuck in hospital over Christmas, but I was working every afternoon so I wouldn't have been able to be involved. That's why I decided on Monday to make a quilt for her, and the fabric couldn't have been more perfect. Not only am I a stupid huge fan of the retro, but even the name is perfect. When we think of flourish we tend to think of the noun (from google dictionary: A bold or extravagant gesture or action, made esp. to attract the attention of others) but actually, there's a verb too: (of a person, animal, or other living organism) To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, esp. as the result of a particularly favourable environment.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to sum up what all of us want for Kelsey. For her to be happy and healthy. And if the favourable environment was in Adelaide, I bought an overnight post bag to send it. But it was at home, and hopefully, that's even better.


  1. This blog made me cry, such a lovely gesture and Oh sooooo true! We love you Kelsey

  2. I didn't mean for that to happen... I just wanted to justify the fact that I only made one of my cousins a quilt (though her brother seemed even happier about $15 with nerdy serial numbers - still, nerds are easy to please)

  3. Sara, you never cease to amaze me.

    The quilt is beautiful and the perfect gift for Kelsey. Here's hoping 2011 brings only great things both for you and for her.