Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Justifying Procrastination 101...

I'm not gunna say my dressmaking mojo went and moved to Adelaide to study fashion design and construction at Marleston TAFE without me, because that would be premature, given that I only worked on sewing my mockup for about a half hour. I got the skirt part done which looks quite nice even in the nasty old satin I'm using for a test, but I wasn't feeling motivated to do ruffling and curves and slinky, un-ironed, difficult fabric, and then came bad news on the hot pink fabric front.

Casey says I can't use it. The top she's wearing is hot pink. And since it's a whole top and perfect the way it is, it's apparently up to me to change fabrics, because that's easier.

But it's sooo puuurty... Shiny and smooth and crinkly and sparkly all at the same time...

Actually, the whole thing is making me feel a bit weird. I haven't properly made clothes since January, and I definitely feel like dressmaking was something that Sara-who-had-a-boyfriend did, whereas single-girl-Sara is a quilter. It's all a bit ridiculous really, but looking at dresses on eBay took me back to a time when I was being someone who wasn't quite me, to please someone else, and I think that the clothes (yes, a lot of which were bought on eBay) were a pretty big part of it. Dressing to impress a boyfriend is different to dressing to feel comfortable and good about myself, and even though dressing up for a night out to hook a boyfriend is different to both of them, it definatelly feels closer to the former than the latter. 

But once I get over the feeling that this is taking me back 11 months, I'm sure progress will be made.


  1. It is important to be good to yourself, regardless of anything else in your life. I am all about comfort clothes to feel good. But every now and again, it does feel quite good to wear something a little less comfortable, but a lot more flattering. It's the whole "look good = feel good" thing. Sometimes it's exactly what I need.

    You'll get it sorted out :-)

    ~ Meagan

  2. I think we've all done the "This isnt really me I'm doing it to please someone else phase". Usually in our late teens and early twenties as a matter of fact.

    You'll get this done, it'll be stunning and you'll work through whatever wierdness you're feeling.