Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's still Friday somewhere...

It's been two weeks so I think it's about time I introduced you all. Everyone, this is Taylor.

Now I will be honest - I don't love love her, not yet. Not like I loved my last car, but then, I had been working on that love for 5 years.

She is a 2007 Suzuki Swift (hence the name) and apparently EZ S spec, though since Top Gear magazine wasn't publishing in Australia back then, I can't compare her specs with the ones on paper. The current S has side curtain airbags, which she doesn't, but they might have been added in the last 3 years.

We are getting along well, except for my complete inability to unconsciously operate the windscreen wipers, unless I'm under stress and trying to indicate. Her aircond is really good, important for this time of year, and she has a gorgeously tiny turning circle. She's also excellent at pulling away from the lights if I'm in the middle lane and someone is trying to unjustifiably overtake me on the turning lane. This is my biggest pet peeve when driving, and I think people who do it should be taken out the back and shot. Or at least, humiliated by a girl in a car with a 1.5L engine.

I plan on spending at least the next 5 years of my life with her, if not more, so it's just as well that I like her.


  1. Nice to meet Taylor (and you too!)

  2. Hi Taylor (waving at the red car ). It's about time you showed her off Sara ! She's a cutie and everyone knows red cars are the fastest.

    You'll grow to love her. I promise.

    You read Top Gear magazine? You are constantly full of surprises...

    Thanks for linking up to FTF this week (just so you know you're the first person ever that posted about their car - so that makes you creative as well as surprising )

  3. Hi Sara and Taylor, I used to have a Swift, it was a great little car, I am sure you will love it very much. They are so zippy and fun to drive, and surprisingly spacious inside. I don't read Top Gear magazine, but I definitely check out their website regularly.

  4. Oh a lovely car.wish i could have with my old german tank for the time being..

  5. Taylor is quite racy in her red color. :o) She's a wonderful favorite! Tell her Caddie and BigRed are honking, "Hello" from South Carolina, USA. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you at FTF! :o)

  6. Not only do I read Top Gear magazine, I have every episode and I went to see the live show the first time it came to Australia. My dad's a panel beater so I grew up never knowing what car we would be picked up from school in, and I think the fact that we name them and spend so much time in them and fall in love with them makes them one of the most interesting objects we have in out lives. Since about 25% of people name their cars it seems I'm not the only one.