Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The feeling of making a quilt is not dissimilar to the feeling of climbing under one...

It was such a nice feeling today to get up and not worry about having to sew stupid satin. It was so nice that I went back to bed after a half hour so I could do it all over again.

I'm cool like that.

But anyway. I pulled out the 6fq bundles I'd made to do mini quilts and had a go at pairing them with some metreage to see if I could work myself out a big quilt. And then I decided it was too much thinking for a Monday morning, and got started on a quilt I've been gunna-ing for a long time. Since mid August actually. And since I dont know if any of you read that far back, you might not have seen the story behind the page header.

Here's the thing. While I have no trouble installing a slightly shifty upgrade of Windows onto my Mum's laptop, I can't for the life of me work out Electric Quilt. Granted, I have a slightly shifty copy of that too (I think it's about version 5) but my complete uselessness with it makes me glad I didn't spend money on it. The problem I think, is that I am a proper nerd, so I use Paint. It might seem a bit less straightforward, downloading the .zip file of fabric swatches from Moda's archive, printscreening the icons and carefully cutting and pasting them into little boxes before assembling them into a jigsaw of perfection, but that's how I roll.

And the first one I ever did is the one you see above. If the words and the cute little sock weren't there, you'd see something like this.

This also has lines, but that should give you a better idea of what I'm actually doing. I've no idea why this has sat on my gunna pile for so long, since I love the fabrics and the design as it is above so much. It's looking different in real life, obviously, but the colours are so beautiful and rich, they actually remind me of these 4 pack food dyes. The blue especially, since it's almost the same colour as the little spots that have been on my boots since Longerenong.

Today I got as far as all the cutting (which of course I did wrong; if you cut it into 3 parts you calculate for TWO seam allowances, der) sewing the darker fabrics together and getting them ironed out. But since I also went on a tree stealing adventure with Batman, the Elf Princess and HighVis Girl (I'm not making that up) as well as doing a horrible nasty Monday night close (once we get the money out of the roof, I'm gunna set fire to that bloody airvac system) that's as far as I got.

But it was a lot more enjoyable than trying to sew a top.

And now, I have a confession to make. I bought one of those Tablets. $160 including postage, 7" screen, running Windows CE 6. It's not my fault, the guy reduced it by $35...

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  1. You GO GIRL!
    aLL that sounds great Sara but what are you wearing to your christmas party?
    I went to Spotlight yesterday, got some pinking shears and a little fabric fold up box for my current craft projects to go in, it was on the clearance shelf so thats what I did, I cleared it.