Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just felt like it, okay?

Fortunately, I got to an episode last night that didn't need to be followed immediately by the next one, and I've decided to stop there until after the weekend. I could probably stop forever, since things seem to be going well and you could imagine that they all live happily ever after from this point, but the fact that there is more will nag at me, so I'll pick it up next week. In the meantime, channel 10 is starting season two of White Collar this week, and even though we don't actually have functioning TV in our house at the moment, it seems as good an excuse as any to re-watch it. Again. But because I've already watched it twice, I wont be getting so caught up in it, and I'll be able to sew at the same time.

Which is good, cause my to do list remains quite undone. I got Casey's bag finished, at which point she decided she did actually quite like it. No photo sorry because she's taken it and disappeared somewhere. Then, using the little scrap of fabric that was left I decided to make a matching little purse which worked okay (she liked it) but not great (I wont be blogging a photo or selling them at that quality) So I had another go, and actually that one was worse, so I gave up and went to work.

When I got home, I should have made a backing for the Awesome Quilt Top of Awesomeness, or had a look through the vintage fabrics under my bed to see if any of them would be good for making toy monsters, or made some headbands. Instead I decided that what I actually wanted to do was the pink version of Awesome.

Obviously it's still quite a ways short of a quilt top, but there's 36 blocks there. That's enough to make a 150cm square quilt, and I hadn't planned on going that big. I was going to do it 5 by 5, or about 125cm, but if I do it 5 by 6, it will be the same size as most of my bigger ones, and I'll have 6 blocks already pieced to go on the back. I'm not sure whether or not to push through on this one for the market or not - I don't know what other fabric I want to bind it or back it with - but I know that the reason I'm putting off doing the black version is that the poplin was so nasty to sew. It looks so very gorgeous, but I can't bring myself to work on it.

Hopefully tomorrow brings with it the desire to get some toys made.


  1. Sara, you really are a human dynamo. I love pink awesomeness. Here's hoping you get those toys done!

  2. I want to see what sort of toys you're making. I have a few little boys in my life that I think need little monsters in theirs. I haven't quite officially added those to the "Christmas To Do" list though.

    I really love your Awesomeness quilt, and I think the pink version is going to look quite Awesome as well! I'm excited to see the final result :-)

    ~ Meagan