Thursday, December 16, 2010

I could go naked... or get naked...

Now that Oprah and her little army of American tourists have gone home, I think it's time to ask; How about, instead of spending millions of taxpayer dollars and taking up countless hours on the news of them going "gosh, it's just such a lovely country" we just, I dunno, looked out the window? Seems pretty obvious to me that it's the best country in the world.

Anyway. Back to the point. No, I do not yet have anything to wear for the work Christmas show. I have firm plans about the quantities of alcohol I intend on consuming, and even firmer plans that I also be a little bit drunk for our unpaid Sunday night meeting, which is happening when I'm supposed to be having our friend's Christmas Day/Afternoon/Evening, and which I suspect will involve us all getting yelled at anyway, so we may as well make them be yelling at us for a good reason, instead of the usual incorrect and uninformed reasons they yell at us about. The teenyboppers are in, of course, and since it's the day after the work Christmas show, quite a few of the seniors are planning on powering straight through as well.

It's the silly season, after all.

What I do have instead, is this. I've made the new header too, but I've not yet put it up so you could all compare it to this.

I am in love. 

In the real world, the pale strips don't seem so pale - well, they kinda do, but the middle strips don't seem so dark.

I am in love.

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  1. So why not wear the quilt to the part, something warm to wear and something you love!